These Millennials Were ‘Worldly, Wise & Funny’: Author Jeff Hobbs On Book ‘Show Them You’re Good’

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September 15, 2021 astatine 8:23 am

(CBS Local)– Author Jeff Hobbs is idiosyncratic that has ever been funny successful penning astir assemblage and radical who don’t look similar him. In his latest publication “Show Them You’re Good,” Hobbs follows 4 boys successful the immense Los Angles schoolhouse strategy arsenic they question admittance to assemblage and statesman to observe their big selves.

The 4 subjects Hobbs writes astir each person fascinating journeys and backstories. Carlos is the lad of undocumented transportation workers and is trying to travel successful the footsteps of his older member who went to an Ivy League school. Tio is simply a kid who has dreams of becoming an engineer, but his begetter doesn’t judge successful him. Then determination is Jon who battles the entity precocious expectations of his parent and Owen who struggles to get superior astir his academics.

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CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith spoke with Hobbs astir the book, what it was similar to spell backmost to schoolhouse and travel these 4 boys and his memories from penning his New York Times bestseller “The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace” astir his erstwhile Yale classmate who passed away. “Show Them You’re Good” is disposable present wherever books are sold.

“I spent astir a twelvemonth going to schoolhouse each time with precocious schoolhouse seniors successful 2016 and the 2017 schoolhouse year,” said Hobbs. “I was raising my ain young kids astatine that clip and agelong communicative short, it was a batch of fun. It gave maine a batch of hope, which was benignant of the volition to statesman with. The main astonishment was that immoderate of these kids wanted to bent retired with maine during a twelvemonth erstwhile they were applying to college. They devoted a circumstantial magnitude of clip each week successful a roundtable format to speech astir what was going connected successful their lives.”

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One of the biggest things that stuck retired to Hobbs during his interactions with the kids was however worldly, wise, comic and touching they were. The writer says 1 of his biggest goals of this publication was to marque it human. He was motivated to beryllium wherefore nine shouldn’t conscionable enactment radical successful boxes based connected what they spot connected the surface.

“My benignant of enactment with communicative non-fiction is ever to undermine presumptions and I deliberation these kids undermined a batch of presumptions of Beverly Hills and South LA,” said Hobbs. “The thought of position has ever been important, but it is becoming much and much important regarding who gets to archer the story. The immense magnitude of stories are told by overeducated achromatic men similar me, truthful it’s tricky.”

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“You mentioned Robert Peace and that was benignant of a memoir slash biography of a adjacent person of excavation who died astir 10 years ago,” said Hobbs. “I reached retired to Rob’s household aft helium died and we were each struggling to process. I thought I could constitute a small compilation of stories for his precocious schoolhouse newsletter oregon immoderate 1,000 connection portion that spoke to his beingness and not conscionable his death. It turned into a publication and I telephone it a eulogy that got retired of hand.”

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