This amazing artist uses tiny figures to create brilliant mini worlds

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(Pocket-lint) - Péter Csákvári, aka Tiny Wasteland, is simply a superb creator who transforms tiny parts of his satellite with miniature figures who are seemingly going astir their lives successful tiny worlds. 

These simple, yet superb photographs, springiness a caller position and seemingly conjure up a fantastic fictional world. With each image, you tin ideate these small radical going astir their concern portion our elephantine belongings are conscionable a portion of their surroundings. 

We've collected immoderate of our favourites for you to bask but beryllium definite to cheque retired Tiny Wasteland connected Facebook and Instagram for more. 

Art and work

Péter Csákvári says that making these miniature worlds came astir erstwhile helium started doing nutrient photography with a macro lens past realised helium could bash more. 

As the passionateness progressed, helium bought a 3D printer to trade his ain tiny figures to spot into these imaginary worlds. 

Coca-Cola tables

Péter Csákvári's passionateness has gone connected to go his livelihood. He exhibits each implicit the satellite portion utilizing his talents for adverts arsenic well. 

Smoking kills

We similar the item of this representation and the elemental horrors of it.

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In an ashtray, respective tiny radical successful hazmat suits are seemingly inspecting the aftermath of a occurrence caused by cigarettes.

n the middle, a tiny burnt assemblage draws their attraction and this creation tells a bigger, much poignant communicative astir the dangers of smoking. 

Laying pipe

These tiny workmen are intelligibly making the astir of what's astatine hand. Where we elephantine humans present frown connected integrative straws owed to their interaction connected the environment, these men are utilizing them for tube works. 

Why not? 

Sponge volleyball

Beach volleyball has thing connected sponge volleyball. Just ideate playing connected a sponge-like this. No soil getting places it shouldn't and you've fundamentally got a bouncy aboveground to leap precocious on. 


It's amusive imagining these tiny gardeners moving hard connected their greens. At a micro level, they're managing the maturation but they'll besides beryllium successful information from insects from snails to slugs. 

Fish vessel successful a bid carraige

It seems similar these tiny radical are brilliantly resourceful. Here they've converted a tiny bid carriage into a food tank. Naturally, this representation besides points to the anticipation of the tiny radical having a railway strategy of their ain too. 

Food construction

It seems that a batch of effort goes into thing elemental arsenic making immoderate food. So overmuch truthful that adjacent a fork assistance needs to beryllium bought successful to help. 

Canned people

Imagine opening up a tin and expecting to find immoderate tuna lone to observe 2 radical sitting connected a parkland seat starting backmost astatine you. 


Even these tiny radical are narcissists it seems. This 1 caught connected camera casually snapping a selfie successful beforehand of a dormant bird. 

The representation besides tells a communicative of the harm the quality contention is doing to the satellite and the animals who inhabit it. 

Bug repairmen

As an alternate to an insect vet there's a satellite of bug repair radical moving distant helping retired injured tiny creatures. 

Butter is slippery

Someone has slipped and fallen successful the food and the constabulary person shown up to rescue them. Things are not going good and there's surely going to beryllium a mess. 

Canned kraken

In 1 tin determination was a peaceful mates nether a tree, but opening this 1 has seemingly unleashed the kraken. 

This antheral successful his tiny vessel doesn't look to phased though. 

Flour worm

Being a tiny idiosyncratic looks similar a batch of amusive generally, but determination are immoderate hidden dangers lurking successful innocuous places. Somewhere ass elemental arsenic a heap of flour tin fell immoderate aggravated creatures. 

We similar the imaginativeness Péter Csákvári and the originative curiosities helium throws into his situation and his photos. 

So that's however they're made

Here we spot immoderate tiny workers going astir their occupation of making sultanas. Or are they reinflating dishevelled grapes?

Making popcorn

We similar to look astatine these images and ideate a tiny service of works beavering distant similar this. Removing the sweetcorn to enactment it successful cans oregon hole it to beryllium turned into popcorn. 

Buckle up

Some of these tiny worlds archer an important communicative for existent beingness arsenic well. Like the value of wearing a seatbelt successful lawsuit you clang into a elephantine strawberry. 

Cookie monster

Ever wondered wherever the cocoa chips successful cookies travel from? Wonder nary more. 

We honestly don't fancy a cooky anymore. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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