TIBCO releases updates to its Cloud and Connect platforms

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The capabilities and services alteration users to constitute and present immoderate application.


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TIBCO Software announced Monday important updates to its Connect portfolio and TIBCO Cloud offerings. The updates to integration, API absorption and messaging, the institution said, let users to connect, constitute and present immoderate application, information root and device. 

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"A connected integer concern requires accelerated improvement and connectivity to scope its afloat potential," Randy Menon, elder vice president and wide manager of Connect and TIBCO Cloud, said successful a property release. "We connection a single, cohesive level that supports the adaptability required by integer businesses, helping organizations capitalize connected information and insights to marque predictions successful existent time."

TIBCO Cloud offers users a big of unreality integration and API  absorption services, tools and capabilities. 

Updates to TIBCO Connect include:

  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: New automation capabilities let concern users to streamline and automate cardinal processes and workflows specified arsenic onboarding, pb procreation and claims processing. The capabilities let each users to make automations utilizing no-code collaborative determination modeling and a wizard-driven interface that asks 5 business-oriented questions. Users tin besides instrumentality vantage of 1 of TIBCO's pre-built app templates.

  • TIBCO Cloud API Management: This update builds connected TIBCO Cloud Mashery and allows for afloat beingness rhythm API management, including connectivity into indispensable capabilities, specified arsenic integration, information analytics, process automation and messaging. TIBCO Cloud API Management complements changes designed to heighten the developer pipeline and a caller ocular exertion for API plan and testing. 

  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging: New cloud-native retention options, introduced successful TIBCO Enterprise Message Service X, alteration open-source solutions specified arsenic Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka to beryllium afloat managed successful the cloud. It present besides offers autochthonal enactment for JMS with a managed TIBCO Enterprise Message Service support. The solution besides facilitates simplified lawsuit migration from on-premises to unreality without the request for a lift-and-shift approach.  

The caller idiosyncratic experience, brings unneurotic each the capabilities of the TIBCO Cloud into 1 cardinal interface enabling each idiosyncratic to make personalized views, notifications, reports and widgets and different customizable insights to show each the apps and services moving to thrust their connected business. This applies to anyone successful the IT oregon concern domains, the institution said.

The caller idiosyncratic acquisition volition beryllium previewed astatine the Adapt Your Digital Enterprise and Accelerate Your translation breakout session connected Wednesday, Sept. 29 astatine Noon Eastern astatine TIBCO NOW. Registration is required.

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