TomTom Go Navigation App is a premium mobile navigation app for all drivers, with a three-month free trial

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(Pocket-lint) - In caller years, TomTom has established itself arsenic 1 of the world’s starring companies dedicated to solving the world’s mobility problems. It produces highly close maps and navigation bundle with real-time traffic, weather, and parking accusation to marque your drives safer and simpler. It's precocious released the TomTom Go Navigation App connected each large app platforms, including the App Store and Google Play, and champion of each it has a three-month escaped proceedings available.

The TomTom Go Navigation App is simply a superior alternate to different escaped and paid services, specified arsenic Google Maps and Waze. It has been developed with the operator astatine the center, designed to springiness them close postulation information, easy-to-follow lane guidance, information camera alerts, and different features to marque each drives safer and simpler. Furthermore, you tin entree each of these navigational features from your telephone oregon link to your car show via CarPlay oregon Android Auto.

Most different escaped and paid navigation services, specified arsenic Google, person a elemental nonsubjective — taking you from constituent A to constituent B. However, they travel up abbreviated successful different indispensable components, specified arsenic providing astute assessments of roadworthy conditions, upwind conditions, traffic, parking availability, and points of involvement connected your path. The TomTom Go Navigation App provides each of that accusation and more.

The TomTom Go Navigation App comes with a 30-day escaped trial, pursuing which you’ll request to subscribe to 1 of their auto-renewing plans. Please proceed speechmaking for a elaborate overview of the app’s halfway features.

Download TomTom Go present connected the App Store oregon Google Play Store


TomTom Go Navigation App is simply a premium mobile navigation app for each  drivers photograph  7

Save clip with real-time postulation updates

Most navigation systems supply a wide overview of postulation conditions connected a peculiar path. They often basal their appraisal connected past trends astatine a definite clip of the day. That tin beryllium reasonably close due to the fact that postulation conditions travel definite patterns. However, specified aggregate-based assessments autumn abbreviated erstwhile determination are progressive roadworthy constructions, blocked paths, accidents, and different unforeseen circumstances.

The TomTom Go Navigation App provides real-time postulation assessments alternatively of basing them connected past aggregates. As such, you’ll person an precocious informing astir imaginable postulation jams, recently blocked roads, accidents oregon unforeseen incidents, roadworthy construction, and different events that whitethorn origin delays. Armed with real-time insight, you tin debar postulation delays and marque intelligent assessments astir the way to take.

Download offline maps to prevention information usage

Most navigation systems (free oregon paid) are astir exclusively babelike connected online usage. Some of them person highly rudimentary offline maps, but they’re fundamentally useless. Online maps are surely effective, but they besides summation your information usage and drain your telephone batteries. Furthermore, if you’re successful an country with mediocre web connectivity, online maps whitethorn not update accelerated capable for your needs.

The TomTom Go Navigation App provides highly reliable and awesome offline representation usage. You tin downtime 3D offline maps to your telephone to minimize information usage and prevention battery. This is peculiarly utile if you’re driving successful areas with mediocre web connectivity. Furthermore, the offline maps tin beryllium updated regular oregon play according to existent postulation and roadworthy conditions. As such, the TomTom Go Navigation App provides immense convenience and flexibility.

Customize your representation according to your requirements

The TomTom Go Navigation App allows you to customize the maps according to your circumstantial requirements and preferences. You tin adhd oregon delete representation regions based connected frequented locations. You tin besides download maps of full cities, countries, oregon regions, depending connected wherever you privation to go. However, offline maps instrumentality up retention space, truthful you should ideally download maps for circumstantial cities oregon regions alternatively than countries.


TomTom Go Navigation App is simply a premium mobile navigation app for each  drivers photograph  8

Always thrust wrong the velocity limit

Navigation systems don’t mostly absorption connected roadworthy information and velocity limits. They archer you however to get from constituent A to constituent B, but they don’t see integrated information features. However, the TomTom Go Navigation App provides close alerts whenever you transcend the velocity bounds for a fixed area. The app is perpetually updated to guarantee it matches real-time velocity limits successful each areas, frankincense ensuring you’re ever wrong the velocity limit, wherever you are. 

Moving lane guidance ensures you ne'er miss a turn

The TomTom Go Navigation App features moving lane guidance, which allows drivers to navigate done the latest roadworthy conditions. The app provides clear, turn-by-turn directions to guarantee you ne'er miss a turn. This ensures you’re ever prepared for exits and intersections on your route. Furthermore, the 3D representation visualization highlights the way you request to take, truthful there’s nary disorder portion driving. 


TomTom Go Navigation App is simply a premium mobile navigation app for each  drivers photograph  6

Identify points of involvement by categories

Most navigation systems person highly rudimentary points-of-interest features — and immoderate don’t person any. Most of them necessitate you to acceptable wide addresses from constituent A to constituent B, but they can’t assistance you find circumstantial points of involvement successful between. That tin beryllium a occupation if you’re traveling agelong distances and request to find restaurants, cafes, oregon state stations on the path.

The TomTom Go Navigation App allows you to seamlessly observe caller points of involvement on your path. You tin hunt for circumstantial categories of points of interest, specified arsenic restaurants oregon state stations. All of the applicable points of involvement volition beryllium highlighted connected your map, and you tin easy navigate towards them earlier continuing connected your archetypal path.

Project the representation connected a larger screen

The TomTom Go Navigation App is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As such, you tin easy task the representation onto your car’s navigation screen, truthful you tin travel the representation without distractions from different notifications. You tin besides perceive to the navigations connected your car’s situation sound.


TomTom Go Navigation App is simply a premium mobile navigation app for each  drivers photograph  4

Claim your escaped 3-month proceedings today

The TomTom Go Navigation App comes with a 3-month escaped trial, nary recognition paper required. After the proceedings period, you tin articulation the monthly program of £1.99 per month, the yearly program of £12.99 per year, oregon the household program of £19.99 per year, shareable with up to 6 household members. To get started, travel the steps below.

• Click connected the nexus here: oregon scan the QR codification above
• Checkout your handbasket astatine inserting your sanction and email address
• Receive an email from TomTom confirming palmy purchase
• Download the app and login utilizing the SAME CREDENTIALS arsenic utilized successful basket.
• Enjoy hassle-free navigation

That's each it takes!

• View TomTom Go connected the App Store oregon Google Play Store

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