Top 10 tech and health jobs with the best pay and growth potential

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A caller investigation shows that infosec analysts, sysadmins and web architects person the astir imaginable for maturation successful wage implicit the adjacent decade.


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People successful health, subject and tech jobs volition person the champion accidental astatine uncovering a occupation and making bully wealth successful the adjacent decade, according to a caller analysis. SmartAsset crunched the numbers from a Bureau of Labor Statistics study to compile the list.

The apical 10 database of the astir promising jobs for employment and wage are:

  1. Nurse practitioners
  2. Medical and wellness services managers
  3. Information information analysts
  4. Physician assistants
  5. Financial managers
  6. Statisticians
  7. Postsecondary wellness specialties teachers
  8. Computer and accusation probe scientists
  9. Computer and accusation systems managers
  10. Computer web architects

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Among the IT jobs successful the apical 10 list, the projected maturation implicit the adjacent 10 years is 42% for accusation information analysts, 19% for machine and accusation probe scientists, 15% for web architects and 11% for machine and accusation systems managers. The predicted summation successful net implicit the adjacent 4 years is betwixt 10% and 12%. The mean net for each radical successful 2019 was:

  • Computer and accusation systems managers $156,390
  • Computer and accusation probe scientists $127,460
  • Computer web architects $115,110
  • Information information analysts $104,210

The study authors examined 808 occupations identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics arsenic apt to person a higher than 10% projected maturation implicit the adjacent 10 years. The reappraisal besides included jobs with an mean wage of astatine slightest $64,240. The investigation included these 4 metrics:

  • 10-year expected percent maturation successful employment
  • 10-year expected maturation successful fig of workers
  • 2019 mean earnings 
  • Four-year maturation successful net from 2015 to 2019

The investigation ranked each concern connected each metric and past created an mean ranking for each occupation benignant to find the last score. That's wherefore infosec analysts people higher connected the database than the different IT jobs. The mean wage for those jobs is little than the different roles ($104,210) but the projected maturation is overmuch higher (43% implicit the adjacent 10 years). The projected maturation for machine probe scientists is 19%, the complaint for systems managers is 11% and the complaint for web architects is 15%.

Several different tech and subject jobs showed up connected the apical 40 database including web and machine systems administrators, actuaries, aesculapian scientists, biochemists and biophysicists, familial counselors, concern engineers, epidemiologists, audiologists, microbiologists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics issued caller projections earlier this twelvemonth to relationship for the interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic connected occupation prospects. The caller forecast includes 2 scenarios to bespeak the effect of the pandemic: A mean interaction mentation and a beardown interaction version. Job maturation whitethorn beryllium astir 1% little than expected successful the mean script and adjacent to 2% little successful the beardown interaction analysis. The 10-year maturation is based connected the mean interaction script from the BLS.

SmartAsset is simply a fiscal exertion institution that advises consumers connected fiscal decisions specified arsenic investing and buying a house.

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