Top Nintendo Switch games 2021: Best Switch games every gamer must own

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(Pocket-lint) - The Nintendo Switch is an astonishing games console, with the line-up present including the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite too.

Both consoles are wholly antithetic to everything other retired there, with the Lite being the top portable games instrumentality astir and the modular Switch offering the champion of each worlds, whether you are playing astatine location connected your TV oregon erstwhile retired and astir connected its 6.2-inch screen.

But what are the champion games for either Switch? What are the apical games to ammunition retired connected close now?

Here are our choices for the must-haves for the Nintendo console, and we've divided them into categories to marque it adjacent easier for you. You tin leap close to your favourite crippled benignant below.


Best Mario games connected Switch

Want to measurement into the shoes of everybody's favourite plumber? These Switch games are for you...

Super Mario Odyssey

Not lone is this 3D platformer 1 of the champion games connected immoderate console astir today, it's 1 of the champion Mario games too. It owes much to Super Mario 64 than others implicit the years and is truthful afloat of secrets and surprises that you'll beryllium playing it agelong aft the communicative is complete. Every 2nd is simply a joy.


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

This superb bundle brings a ultimate platformer from the Wii U epoch to the Switch with immoderate beauteous extras, and an enlargement called Bowser's Fury that mightiness conscionable springiness a glimpse astatine the aboriginal of Mario games. It's an open-world spot of freeform action, and paired with 3D World's linear levels, this is an incredibly polished offering that's a indispensable for Switch owners. 


Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion - starring Mario's member - is simply a precise antithetic acquisition to the likes of Super Mario Odyssey. It's not jam-packed with large cities oregon tons of people, but alternatively features scary moments - good somewhat scary, this is Nintendo aft each - and plentifulness of exploratory gameplay.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This Mario crippled is alternatively antithetic to the norm. Don't expect a platformer. Instead, you get a turn-based X-Com benignant strategy game, but featuring the eponymous plumber and Ubisoft's brainsick Rabbids characters.

Not lone does the crippled look fantastic, it plays good and antithetic levels tin beryllium tackled successful your ain time. Ideal, therefore, for commuting - conscionable marque definite you instrumentality your reasoning headdress with you.


Yoshi's Crafted World

A graphical masterpiece and a well-balanced level caper, Yoshi's Crafted World stars Mario's champion chum and represents the antithetic attack that Nintendo loves to take. It's besides a nice, pleasant crippled for young and aged to enjoy.


Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo fantastically built connected its Super Mario Maker conception for the sequel, which is amended successful astir each mode possible. You tin fundamentally make Mario 2D platformer levels, stock them and play others built by the wider community. A single-player communicative mode is besides large fun, arsenic you tackle much than 100 customized levels.


New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Originally merchandise for the Wii U, hence the "U" successful the name, this enhanced 2D platformer takes Mario backmost to his roots successful glorious manner - adding immoderate modern twists on the way, of course. It besides includes the Super Luigi U add-on starring the taller, much mischievous brother.


Best Pokemon games connected Switch

Want to drawback 'em all? Check these out...

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

There's nary denying that everyone loves a Pokémon game. The Switch mentation - which is disposable successful Pikachu and Eevee flavours (they're 2 akin games but with somewhat antithetic content) - is simply a lovable role-playing crippled based connected the aged GameBoy classic, Pokémon Yellow. However, the graphics person been fixed a large overhaul and optional question controls marque this an interactive classic.


Pokémon: Sword / Pokémon: Shield

Pokemon has go a modern JRPG without renouncing its essence. A breathtaking soundtrack by Ordago, the instauration of dozens of delightful caller species, and awesome caller mechanics make a cohesive and balanced experience.

If haven't tried a Pokemon crippled before, this is wherever you should start; if you already emotion Pokemon past Sword and Shield volition instantly beryllium your caller favourite.


Pokémon Unite!

A free-to-play MOBA wasn't what we thought we'd get from Pokémon, but present we are, and it's amazingly excellent. It has five-a-side battles to connection up, each lasting conscionable 10 minutes, which makes for a truly amusive gait and loads of action. There are plentifulness of antithetic monsters to use, though unlocking them tin instrumentality a small time, but the prime of battling is truly sky-high. If it gets decently supported this could beryllium a crippled that's hugely fashionable for years to come.

Best racing games connected Switch

If you similar putting your pedal to the metal, these could beryllium the games you're looking for...

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Previously released for the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 gets a graphical update for the Deluxe mentation connected Switch, which runs astatine 60 frames per 2nd adjacent erstwhile successful portable mode.

You besides get a fewer gameplay bonuses, specified arsenic an other limb slot for pick-ups during races and further karters. It is easy 1 of the champion Mario Kart games successful galore years and an indispensable acquisition for immoderate Switch owner.


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

A remaster of 2003's Crash Team Racing, this nitro-charged mentation has unthinkable graphics, re-built from the crushed up. The kart racing amusive is overmuch the aforesaid arsenic before, but caller features see online multiplayer and an improved escapade mode person been added for bully measure. One connection of informing though, don't expect Mario Kart levels of trouble - mastering CTR is arsenic pugnacious arsenic it's ever been.


Best RPGs connected Switch

Want to cognize what the champion Switch RPGs are? Look nary further...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There couldn't person been a amended motorboat crippled to merchantability Switch consoles than Breath of the Wild. A agelong clip successful the making and much than a twelvemonth delayed, it was good worthy the hold arsenic it's 1 of the champion role-playing games ever made.

The massive, open-world RPG has galore facets. Every nook and cranny of the marvellous crippled satellite is filled with escapade and puzzles. And portion it adds crafting to the well-trodden themes, it's not obtrusive and fits successful beautifully.


The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Link's Awakening fills the spread nicely arsenic we hold for the sequel to Breath of the Wild, with its isometric action-RPG charm and fiendish puzzles. It's a from-the-ground-up remake of the GameBoy classical that everyone implicit a definite property volition remember. But, adjacent if you do, it is well-worth a revisit arsenic it feels wholly caller successful its ain right.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition

Informally dubbed The Switcher, the Switch mentation of The Witcher 3 is thing abbreviated of a method wonder. The tremendous open-world RPG was a large feat connected Xbox One and PS4, fto unsocial connected a portable games console. And portion it has been chopped backmost a small graphically, everything that makes it 1 of the champion games of each clip is determination connected Switch too.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you privation a alteration of gait portion surviving an escapist fantasy, the newest Animal Crossing mightiness conscionable beryllium the cleanable crippled for you. It's relaxing, delightful and sweet, and volition ne'er endanger you with the accent of immoderate much "mature" games connected this list. We've loved each infinitesimal of our clip with it, and cognize that it's going to seizure hearts and minds arsenic clip goes by. 


Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The latest instalment successful the storied Fire Emblem franchise is an implicit doozy, with replayability coming retired its ears. You play arsenic a prof astatine an officers' academy, and rapidly take 1 of 3 houses to teach. That prime volition spot you prosecute drastically antithetic storylines, but each the strands stock its 2 gameplay pillars. Those are brutal strategical battles with turn-based combat, and leisure clip that you tin walk getting to cognize a immense formed of memorable characters. This is simply a crippled to autumn into for hours astatine a time.


Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is an perfect merchandise for Switch, combining the superb Gwent paper crippled with a single-player RPG run that should support you going for implicit 30 hours. It is based successful The Witcher universe, but works arsenic good successful abbreviated bursts during a commute arsenic it does successful hardcore sessions erstwhile you person much clip connected your hands.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

The classical top-down dungeon slayer is large arsenic a peculiar variation for Switch, feeling amazingly caller and playable contempt arriving years aft its archetypal release. That it's playable successful portable format takes the crippled to a full different level and gives the Switch thing that's often been absent from erstwhile Nintendo consoles: big content.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is 1 of the largest, astir highly revered role-playing games of each time. To merchandise the full game, DLC and more, connected a portable level is thing abbreviated of a miracle.

What's more, it is the remastered mentation that appeared connected the latest-gen consoles truthful you get truthful overmuch much for your bucks. It is simply a existent technological marvel and thing you volition find yourself inactive playing galore months on.


Best multiplayer games connected Switch

If you've got immoderate friends astir oregon privation to play against others online, these are apical multiplayer games to effort out. Remember though, for online play connected astir of them, you volition request Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Alongside ARMs, this is the champion warring crippled connected the Switch, and perchance the champion Smash Bros to boot. Although a rehash of the Wii U version, this genuinely is the "ultimate" edition. It's not lone accelerated and slick, but has a mighty formed of characters to control. And, it's 1 of the Switch games that has been embraced afloat by the eSports community.


Splatoon 2

Although it's not precisely groundbreaking if you played the archetypal Splatoon, the third-person, paint-splatting sequel is simply a amusive multiplayer blast.

It looks superb connected the Switch - adjacent amended than the Wii U predecessor, which we loved. The single-player run is vastly improved, positive determination are caller multiplayer modes. Everything seems amended tweaked than before, giving the champion Splatoon acquisition yet.



Not everyone's cupful of tea, perhaps, but this motion-controlled beat-em-up is large amusive if you've got a fewer friends circular and further Joy-Cons to vie with.

You clasp a Joy-Con successful each manus and usage them to power the arms of your fighter, hence the name. Fighters are bionic, however, and person galore properties. The full happening is precise Nintendo-esque; it's harmful fun, adjacent for kids. One connection of informing though, it isn't bully for the Nintendo Switch Lite, arsenic it's not suitable for handheld play.


Ring Fit Adventure

Multiplayer mightiness not rather beryllium the close word, but erstwhile it comes to getting a full household moving and enjoying a crippled based astir exercise, Ring Fit Adventure is an implicit winner. It's beauteous hard to find astatine the moment, truthful fashionable has it proven, but its blend of RPG-style battles with exercise-based goals and games is earnestly amusive and suitable for full families. 


Super Mario Party

Minigames galore successful this for-all-the-family portion of fun. It's by acold the champion Mario Party crippled yet made, and committed Nintendo fans volition find it irresistible. It shows disconnected the Switch's party-gaming credentials with plentifulness of panache.

It's not suitable for Switch Lite owners though, arsenic you request to beryllium capable to region and question astir the Joy-Cons.



What tin beryllium said astir the multiplayer shooter that hasn't before? It's not conscionable a game, it's a taste improvement and, arsenic it's escaped to download and play, you tin cheque it retired for yourself without spending a penny connected immoderate in-game content.


Rocket League

Rocket League has been a immense occurrence story, with kids of each ages getting hooked connected its bizarre premix of car racing and football. And the Switch mentation is simply a singular larboard that sticks to 60fps throughout, albeit with a flimsy driblet successful resolution.

You don't attraction though, arsenic you tin vie from anyplace with a Wi-Fi signal. It besides links with different versions of the game, truthful you don't person to conscionable vie against players connected their ain Switch devices.



Minecraft connected Switch is the nonstop aforesaid mentation of the crippled disposable crossed aggregate platforms and replaced the erstwhile "Nintendo Switch Edition". Our lone regret is that you can't usage the touchscreen to take items successful your inventory, but it's an authentic Minecraft acquisition successful each different regards.


Best platformer games connected Switch

Yes, respective of the Mario games supra are platformers excessively but present are immoderate that you should besides try...

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

You tin besides play the archetypal Ori crippled connected Switch, but we emotion the 2nd most, which flows a spot much smoothly and takes the communicative adjacent further. This is simply a superb larboard of what was archetypal an Xbox One game, and its gorgeous creation benignant looks large connected the Switch.

It's besides a superb platformer, with varied areas to get around, loads of traversal mechanics to larn and master, and an impressively expanded combat system, arsenic well. It's an implicit treat, and we're thrilled it's arrived connected Nintendo's superb console.


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Like respective different games successful this best-of, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is simply a conversion of a Wii U crippled and it has made the modulation precise good indeed. The 2D platformer tin beryllium played with a person successful co-op - conscionable marque definite that you some person huffy skills though, arsenic it is stone hard astatine times. Just arsenic games should be.


Lego City Undercover

We loved the Wii U exclusive erstwhile it came retired a fewer years ago, but arsenic the console and, thus, the crippled didn't merchantability it's large to spot it fixed a lick of overgarment and a caller lease of life.

Lego City Undercover takes the Lego level gameplay, pops it into an open-world mounting and that results successful a kid-friendly Grand Theft Auto-style experience. It is besides precise funny, acknowledgment mostly to Chase McCain, an anti-hero worthy of a sequel oregon adjacent aboriginal movie.


Yoku's Island Express

A cunning blend of 2D level enactment and pinball, Yoku's Island Express is simply a gorgeous indie crippled that deserves to beryllium connected this list. Indeed, it's puzzler undertones had america hooked bully and proper. We fishy it'll bash the aforesaid for you.


Best shooters connected Switch

When the going gets tough, the pugnacious prime up a manus cannon. Here's why...

Sniper Elite III: Ultimate Edition

The Switch merchandise of Sniper Elite III: Ultimate brings 1 of the champion combat games astir to a portable platform. It is much cerebral than astir shooters and plays partially arsenic a stealth puzzle game. Plus, you tin present get Sniper Elite V2 successful its remastered signifier connected the Nintendo instrumentality too.



Of each the remastered oregon remade games for Nintendo Switch, Doom is perchance the astir impressive. It plays conscionable similar the PS4 and Xbox One equivalents.

It's intelligibly not arsenic crisp - which you announcement much erstwhile played connected a TV successful docked mode - but the authentic Doom visuals and enactment are each there. It's not 1 for the feint hearted, but older Switch owners volition emotion this hardcore first-person shooter.


Best indie games connected Switch

Sometimes, large games needn't travel from the biggest publisher. These are testament to that...

Untitled Goose Game

Starting arsenic an net meme, Untitled Goose Game yet became 1 of the astir talked-about videogames of modern times. You tin find retired wherefore done the Switch version, which gives you power of 1 of the astir irritating pb characters around.


Umurangi Generation

A photography crippled that's mode much absorbing than the mainstream likes of New Pokémon Snap, this superb small crippled is each astir snapping unsocial angles of varied subjects. We emotion the caller question controls, and the soundtrack - and it's besides got a amended imaginativeness of a dystopian aboriginal than astir mode bigger-name games. Definitely cheque this 1 out!

Stardew Valley

Sweet and elemental successful graphical style, this portion RPG, portion workplace simulation indie crippled has won hearts and minds connected each level connected which it has been released.

It seems cleanable for the Nintendo Switch too, acknowledgment to the console's portability and the casual quality of dipping successful and retired of the game. There is plentifulness of extent successful Stardew Valley, but it's a crippled you tin play your way, whenever you fancy. And that's the mantra for the Switch too.



This superb small mostly text-based escapade stars you arsenic a mysterious slayer who needs to get distant with her beauteous flagrant crime. It's a fantastic portion of fun, with loads of sub-plots and dialog to savour arsenic you spot however galore antithetic endings you tin discover.


This is simply a soulful crippled about, well, souls - you play arsenic a ferryman to the dead, but the crippled is much astir learning to judge and travel to presumption with the extremity of our lives. It's a gentle absorption sim that is bully and relaxing to play, but marque definite you don't hide your tissues, arsenic it gets beauteous affectional astatine points!



This relaxing city-builder is simply a supremely calming game. You instrumentality complaint of a bid of randomly generated islands, strategically placing buildings and monuments earlier moving connected to bigger locations if you bash good enough. It's low-pressure and a gorgeous ocular individuality combined with low-fi euphony makes it truly laid-back.

Best adventures connected Switch

Need thing to taxation the encephalon arsenic good arsenic the trigger finger?

L.A. Noire

Not lone is L.A. Noire a large crippled connected the Switch, it shows the console tin vie with home-only rivals erstwhile it comes to large open-world games. Rockstar's PS3 and Xbox 360 deed was besides remastered for PS4 and Xbox One, including 4K visuals connected PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but the Switch mentation is possibly the astir technically awesome considering it's connected a portable platform.

The full L.A. Noire experience, including each the archetypal transgression cases and downloadable content, is included, and portion immoderate graphical compromises person had to beryllium made, it is simply a crippled that each proprietor implicit a definite property should get.


Heaven's Vault

This enchanting communicative lets you play arsenic an archaeologist uncovering signs of an past civilisation and translating its connection spot by spot arsenic you uncover much words and sites of interest. It's engaging and beautifully written, and a existent dainty to gradually play through. 

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park harks backmost to an property erstwhile point-and-click adventures ruled. Indeed, it is the brainchild of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick - the duo down LucasArts classics specified arsenic The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

Expect a transverse betwixt immoderate tricky puzzles and laugh-out-loud moments. What truly makes the escapade are the weird and divers characters you conscionable arsenic you effort to lick a execution mystery. It each adds up to a fantastic alteration of gait from astir console games connected the platform.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Both Resident Evil: Revelations and its sequel person been remastered and ported to the Switch and portion we similar both, the archetypal crippled conscionable shades it.

The endurance fearfulness is creepy, cleverly paced, and works good some successful docked and handheld mode. Our lone proposition is you don't play it connected a late, reasonably bare bid home. If so, you mightiness person to alteration your trousers erstwhile you get back.


Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 19 December 2017.

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