Tow Truck Driver Arrested For Hit-And-Run, DUI In Rancho Cordova

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RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — A tow motortruck operator has been arrested connected suspicion of DUI aft a hit-and-run successful Rancho Cordova past week, constabulary say.

Rancho Cordova constabulary say, precocious successful the greeting connected Oct. 21, a hit-and-run clang was reported adjacent the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Zinfandel Drive. No injuries were reported, but officers soon discovered that the suspect’s conveyance was nary different than a determination tow truck.

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With the assistance of the tow motortruck company, officers were capable to way down the conveyance successful a metropolis nearby.

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Officers accidental the tow motortruck driver, whose sanction has not been released, showed signs of being nether the influence.

The tow motortruck operator has since been arrested and is facing charges of hit-and-run and DUI. The conveyance has besides been returned to the company, constabulary say.

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Officers would similar to punctual anyone who sees a perchance impaired operator connected the roadworthy to instantly telephone 911.

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