Try on LeBron's jersey with 3D shopping experience built by Hexa, Microsoft and Snapchat

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Startup converts 2D images into 3D ones and delivers them to retailers via a azygous enactment of code.


Shoppers tin effort connected and bargain LA Lakers jerseys via a collaboration betwixt the NBA team, Snapchat, Microsoft and Hexa, a 3D virtualization company.

Image: Hexa

Want to spot however good LeBron James' jersey fits? Now you tin effort it connected via the LA Lakers Snapchat Lens. 

Hexa, a startup that specializes successful 3D visualizations, worked with Microsoft and Snap Inc. to make the augmented reality buying experience. Shoppers tin effort connected and bargain the shirts via the Lakers Lens successful the Snapchat App. The shirts and Hexa's 3D images are besides disposable successful the Lakers' online store. 

Hexa uses artificial intelligence and a squad of 3D engineers to physique and administer 3D models, 360-degree experiences and augmented world astatine scale. The company's bundle converts 2D merchandise images into 3D images. 

A Hexa lawsuit creates URLs for each 2D representation and sends those links to the institution to beryllium converted. Hexa returns the images successful 3D format via a azygous enactment of code. Yehiel Atias, CEO astatine Hexa, said his institution has ever utilized this attack to marque it casual to instrumentality the 3D virtualization service. 

"After 5 years successful the making, we built the archetypal exertion that tin person immoderate image, scan oregon CAD record into a hyperrealistic 3D model," Atias said.

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The institution worked with executives astatine Walmart, IKEA, H&M, Alibaba, Target and Amazon to make the service. Atias said repurposing content–such arsenic existing images–is often ignored by retailers and brands that acceptable up a comparatively constrictive 3D contented strategy. 

"Due to the information that 3D/AR contented is truthful impactful, each clip you repurpose oregon re-distribute your content, you make further value," helium said. "At scale, this makes a difference." 

Hexa is simply a subordinate of the Microsoft for Startups program. This programme offers caller companies benefits ranging from mentors to Azure sponsorship credits to Microsoft 365 productivity tools and GitHub and Visual Studio Code. The programme works with entrepreneurs successful the thought signifier arsenic good arsenic radical who person launched a minimum viable product. 

"Hexa is connected a ngo to bring a assortment of immersive, 3D commerce experiences to brands and retailers worldwide," Shish Shridhar, planetary retail lead, Microsoft for Startups, said successful a property release. "We are pleased to enactment Hexa with Azure unreality infrastructure to present a best-in-class acquisition of 3D/AR and virtual try-on solutions to our associated clients."

Hexa worked straight with Snap teams to motorboat the Lakers Lens. 

"Since the Lakers task volition astir apt beryllium 1 of the largest virtual try-on experiments successful the apparel manufacture to date, it was important for some parties to enactment intimately unneurotic and integrate Hexa's 3D contented to Snap's AR technology," Atias said. 

Hexa's contented is compatible with each virtual worlds, including Decentraland, Atias said, creating a assortment of usage cases for retailers and brands. 

"Retailers tin present merchantability their virtual goods wrong Decentraland marketplaces, acceptable up virtual shops (on different platforms) oregon adjacent usage NFT exertion to supply shoppers with real, agelong lasting, integer value," Atias said.

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