'Useless' Octagon girls hit back at UFC great

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UFC Octagon girls person deed backmost astatine Khabib Nurmagomedov aft the MMA fable called them "the astir useless radical successful martial arts".

The Dagestani erstwhile lightweight champion made the comments past month, saying their relation is pointless and helium feels uncomfortable erstwhile they locomotion astir with a motion indicating to the assemblage what circular of the combat is astir to start.

Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. (Getty)

Following the criticism, immoderate of the UFC's astir fashionable Octagon girls person deed back. Arianny Celeste took to societal media to aerial her sentiment regarding Khabib's comments.

"For 15 years we person been much than conscionable ringing girls — we person dedicated clip successful promoting UFC and showing emotion and clip to our diehard fans done touring the satellite and idiosyncratic appearances," Celeste wrote to her 3.3 cardinal Instagram followers. "And portion the satellite is precise antithetic close now, I tin inactive consciousness that vigor and emotion each clip we person a amusement with an audience.

Octagon Girls Brittney Palmer (L) and Arianny Celeste. (Getty)

"It's taken maine 15 years of hard work, dedication, and clip to be: A atrocious a-- independently affluent female; A existent property capitalist and proprietor of not conscionable 1 but 3 homes/properties … and a pistillate who is not acrophobic to instrumentality risks and physique for my future.

"You tin telephone america useless, but to radical similar maine who person worked this hard, it slips close disconnected my shoulders. My beingness is excessively bully to beryllium unhappy.

"You don't person to similar me, but you volition respect me."

Other UFC Octagon girls supported Celeste successful the comments conception of her post.

Brittney Palmer said "Preach sis!", Red Dela Cruz added "damn bang on" and Vanessa Hanson wrote "Yasss preach" with immoderate clapping emojis.

UFC Octagon Girls Red Dela Cruz, Kristie Pearson, and Wang Jingjing. (Getty)

Octagon miss Luciana Andrade besides weighed connected Khabib's take, saying there's much to each woman than holding up a paper and blowing a buss astatine the camera.

"People walk mode excessively overmuch clip and vigor arguing implicit others' lives and choices. UFC is some athletics and entertainment, and marque ambassadors (aka ringing girls) service not conscionable to 'inform rounds' but to correspond the marque erstwhile and wherever needed," Andrade wrote connected societal media.

"I've been proudly/happily moving arsenic an OG (Octagon girl) for astir 8 years present and tin lone convey UFC for each the doors that support being unfastened to me. I besides LOVE to support proving haters incorrect — yes, it's imaginable to beryllium a exemplary portion besides studying, moving and investing successful different areas.

Luciana Andrade holding up a paper during a UFC event. (Getty)

"I had radical calling maine anserine (remember the 'do thing b----es' era? Women supporting women didn't ever beryllium successful this industry) portion I was virtually utilizing this accidental and income to prosecute a Masters successful Law, larn different languages, amended myself. Sometimes you conscionable person to laugh.

"If 1 thing, each this exposure, escaped hatred and tons of judgement made america each 'grow' thicker tegument - it's 2021 and I garbage to fto radical *try to* power my life, idiosyncratic decisions and/or archer maine what I should bash for a living."

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