Vaccinated Sean Hannity Melts Down Because Biden Won’t Let Him Kill His Viewers With COVID

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Vaccinated Sean Hannity accused Biden of smearing the unvaccinated and engaging successful “medical tyranny.”


Vaccinated Sean Hannity goes connected a bender and accuses Biden of smearing unvaccinated Americans and engaging successful "medical tyranny," by trying to halt Hannity viewers from dying of COVID.


Hannity said, “Joe Biden tonight refused to judge immoderate blasted for his ain failures, refused to admit his monumental shortcomings and alternatively tried to shame unvaccinated Americans, lecture them and smear them and Republican governors who value freedom, autonomy, medical privacy, and doctor-patient confidentiality and reject medical tyranny. “

Hannity is accusing Biden of aesculapian tyranny by trying to support radical similar Sean Hannity from sidesplitting his viewers with COVID misinformation and anti-vaccine rhetoric. Hannity doesn’t recognize that helium won’t person a amusement near if each of his viewers get COVID and die.

Joe Biden has gotten 173 cardinal Americans vaccinated successful a substance of months. Biden has chopped the COVID decease complaint by 70%. President Biden has not failed America. People similar Sean Hannity person failed and proceed to neglect America.

Biden has the ineligible authorization to bash what helium is doing. This is not aesculapian tyranny but an effort to prevention lives from Fox News disinformation.

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