Video Released Of Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting Of Tahoe Park Resident Who Shot At Authorities

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department released bodycam footage from an hours-long standoff astatine a Tahoe Park location that ended with officers shooting and sidesplitting the fishy erstwhile helium walked retired with a rifle.

The country was on the 3700 artifact of Redding Avenue, adjacent to Hiram Johnson High School. Sacramento constabulary say, astir 8:15 p.m. connected September 6, they went to bash a payment cheque successful the area.

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The footage released by the constabulary section includes audio from a telephone requesting a payment cheque connected the man, aboriginal identified arsenic 53-year-old Derek Pearson.

“Just person received immoderate precise unusual messages and disturbing messages, truthful I was hoping idiosyncratic could cheque connected this person,” the reporting enactment told authorities implicit the phone.

When officers arrived astatine Pearson’s home, they contacted him done a beforehand information door.

“No brother. Get retired of here. You’re not invited here,” Pearson tells the serviceman astatine the door.

Pearson adds, “My sanction is Derek Scott Pearson, and cipher is invited astatine my house. You tin enactment retired a protection. There are radical trying to termination me. Last clip I was taken by the police, they tried to termination me. You are not invited here. Please leave. Please permission and delight support me. They are trying to termination me.”

Pearson past unopen the wrong door, ending the conversation. Just much than 30 seconds later, officers spot Pearson done the beforehand window, and authorities that helium pointed a firearm astatine them.

Sacramento constabulary said the officers backed disconnected and called SWAT and Crisis Negotiation teams to the scene. Negotiators were capable to marque sporadic interaction with Pearson passim the night.

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At the 4:03 people of the video, you tin perceive Pearson occurrence a changeable from his home. Police accidental the fishy fired astatine officers aggregate times implicit the people of the incident. You tin see the afloat video here. (WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised.)

No officers were hurt, but an occupied armored conveyance was struck by gunfire respective times, and adjacent Hiram Johnson High School was besides struck by gunfire.

One of the weapons constabulary accidental the fishy had with him. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

SWAT and situation negotiators tried to de-escalate the situation.

“Derek, we would similar for a peaceful resolution. We request you to travel retired of your location without immoderate weapons successful your hand. Your member and sister are disquieted astir you and your well-being,” 1 serviceman tin beryllium heard saying implicit the armored vehicle’s PA system.

However, conscionable aft 5 a.m. the adjacent day—almost 9 hours aft the archetypal call, officers accidental the fishy walked retired with a rifle, aiming it astatine officers. Three officers past opened fire, hitting the fishy astatine slightest once.

A drone was past utilized to cheque if the country was harmless to participate and the fishy was soon recovered dead.

His assemblage tin beryllium seen successful the video conscionable aft the 7-minute mark.

Pearson was the lone idiosyncratic successful the location astatine the time, constabulary noted, and respective guns were recovered inside.

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Hiram Johnson High School was closed connected September 7 owed to the incident, officials say.

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