Walt Tyler Elementary School Burns to the Ground in Grizzly Flats, Community Comes Together

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GRIZZLY FLATS (CBS13) – Walt Tyler Elementary School was 1 of the galore buildings up successful flames overnight connected Monday, arsenic the Caldor Fire ripped done Grizzly Flats.

But contempt the nonaccomplishment of the school, the assemblage won’t fto it pain them.

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Jennifer McKim and her kids person made themselves astatine location astatine a Plymouth RV Park, definite their location is gone, too.

“It feels similar we are stuck successful this nightmare we can’t aftermath up from,” McKim said. Her location astir went up successful flames a fewer weeks agone but was saved. This time, she’s unsure it was spared. Though, the nonaccomplishment of her son’s schoolhouse adds to the nightmare.

“Finding retired the schoolhouse was gone was conscionable the straw that broke the back,” she said.

The schoolhouse has been known arsenic a captious portion of the assemblage for much than 20 years.

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“It’s heartbreaking but it can’t specify us,” McKim said. But what does specify this assemblage is their emotion for 1 another. That includes Pioneer Union Superintendent and Walt Tyler Principal Annette Lane, who spent the time astatine evacuation centers looking for students and their families.

“I conscionable request to get my eyes connected them truthful I cognize they’re safe,” Lane said. As for what’s adjacent for the school, there’s anticipation it whitethorn beryllium rebuilt 1 time but inactive not overmuch is known.

“Last twelvemonth we had COVID, and we weren’t definite what they were doing,” McKim said. “Now we’re close backmost there.”

McKim continues practicing positivity and focusing connected the future, “Rise up similar the phoenix.”

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School remains closed successful the territory portion it works retired plans connected however to instrumentality erstwhile it’s safe. It’s likely, though, kids whitethorn beryllium sent to different adjacent schoolhouse successful the meantime.

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