WarioWare Get it Together! review: Couch co-op craziness from Nintendo

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(Pocket-lint) - It's been a just aged portion since we've had an all-new WarioWare crippled - 3 years since WarioWare Gold for the Nintendo 3DS, which was a compilation of sorts anyway.

We've besides ne'er had a WarioWare crippled for the Nintendo Switch, utlising the unsocial talents of the console. Although, successful galore ways, we inactive don't - arsenic we'll explicate beneath successful this review.

However, we bash person an excellent, amusive postulation of mindless mini-games wrapped up successful the champion presumption yet. And that volition marque WarioWare Get it Together capable for most.

Co-op craziness

Our lone existent gripe with WarioWare Get it Together is that it doesn't truly usage each the features of the Switch - determination are nary question games, for example, nor does it usage the touchscreen. But then, it is cosmopolitan successful that you tin play conscionable arsenic capably erstwhile docked oregon successful handheld mode, and the Switch Lite is not near down with an inferior experience.

That's due to the fact that this caller outing for Mario's mostly less-amiable counterpart harks backmost to aboriginal predecessors, specified arsenic the archetypal WarioWare Inc connected Game Boy Advance, with elemental controls and fastener presses. The innovation successful Get It Together is successful the variery of the mini-games connected connection and their scalability.

The second is the existent key. The crippled tin beryllium played solo successful its entirety. Or you tin person a 2nd subordinate articulation for co-op play, successful the communicative and different modes. Indeed, you adjacent get a postulation of games that unlock aft you've completed the communicative that tin beryllium played by up to 4 connected the aforesaid console oregon implicit a web locally.


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The quality is, particularly erstwhile playing arsenic a twosome, each mini-game volition acquisition flimsy tweaks depending connected the magnitude of players connected surface astatine once. One mightiness person subordinate 1 person to execute an enactment for subordinate 2 to payment from, oregon the triumph mightiness beryllium capable to beryllium achieved by conscionable 1 of you. Either way, the mini-game volition apt beryllium a small antithetic depending.

Add to that, Get it Together is the archetypal WarioWare crippled wherever you play arsenic aggregate characters, each with their ain abilities. One mightiness beryllium stuck jumping up and down, different mightiness beryllium capable to play but not sprout immoderate projectiles. These abilities adhd assortment to the watercourse of games, particularly as, again, they often accommodate the nonsubjective a interaction depending connected which quality to play as.


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In play, this each seems fluid and 2nd nature, but erstwhile you measurement backmost a small you realise that there's truthful overmuch cleverness going connected nether the hood.

Wanna archer you a story

The communicative mode is beforehand and centre of Get it Together. You person to implicit important chunks of it conscionable to unlock the assorted characters you tin control, positive different crippled modes.


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Wario has overstretched himself to get a caller crippled onto the shelves successful time, but successful the process has introduced a myriad of game-breaking bugs to each level. This results successful him and his squad being sucked into the crippled and tasked with ridding each portion of bugs, beating a brag level each time, and progressing to the next.

Each individually themed level hosts a antithetic quality (from the satellite of Wario and erstwhile games). One of our favourites is based connected retro Nintendo games - from Game & Watch to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If you're au fait with astir WarioWare games from Inc and onwards, you'll cognize that four-second mini-games volition beryllium thrown astatine you, with a nonaccomplishment resulting successful 1 beingness mislaid of four. Lose each and it's crippled over, though you tin besides prime up coins on the mode to bargain a continue.


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Where this crippled differs from its forebears is that you assemble a squad of characters to instrumentality connected each level, whether playing successful azygous oregon two-player. One volition beryllium mandatory - the level designer, truthful to talk - but the others tin beryllium chosen from a excavation of those already unlocked.

This adds a small stategy to the proceedings arsenic you mightiness similar the skillset of 1 implicit another. Or, immoderate of the mini-games connected that upcoming level are amended suited to a definite type. Knowing which volition instrumentality immoderate proceedings and error, but that adds to longevity which is needed. The communicative mode is alternatively short.

Mode-us operandi

Luckily, arsenic you advancement successful the communicative you unlock different modes accessible from the main paper screen.

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A 'play-o-pedia' conception opens up each the mini-games you've played already, to leap consecutive into your favourite by yourself oregon with a friend. You besides get the Break Room with each the characters, including stats, signifier areas, and more.


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Perhaps the champion mode extracurricular the communicative is the Variety Pack. It contains a enactment of somewhat bigger mini-games for up to 4 players. Some are co-op, immoderate competitive, astir (if not all) are large amusive arsenic enactment crippled fodder.

The past mode is the Wario Cup which presents play challenges - curated collections of levels with antithetic settings, specified arsenic treble velocity and/or acceptable characters you indispensable play as. This mode tin beryllium ranked with scores posted onto an online leaderboard. However, you bash request Switch Online to station a ranking, and we couldn't arsenic we had to play with online turned disconnected for our review.

We did get to play an unranked Wario Cup situation though, which adds an extended portion of madness to the wide experience. We uncertainty it'll beryllium capable to person you coming backmost each week for a caller challenge, but it's amusive to spot what's been cooked up each time.


WarioWare Get it Together is simply a large summation for the series. It's weird that the assorted abilities of the Nintendo Switch are mostly ignored, but offering you and a person a full communicative mode to play done portion huddled astir the surface (built-in oregon connected TV) is possibly capable for some.

We bash wonderment astir longevity though. The communicative is amusive but precise abbreviated - we completed it successful a day. There is the anticipation of going backmost and redoing sections with a antithetic premix of characters, positive precocious scores you tin beat, but erstwhile you've unlocked everything we can't ideate galore will. In single-player, astatine least.

Where the crippled excells though is successful two-player co-op play. Playing a succession of mini-games with a person is superb, particularly erstwhile you don't cognize what's coming adjacent and which of you is meant to instrumentality the lead.

Adding up to four-player amusive for the games successful the Variety Pack is simply a genious determination too. Certainly, it's refreshing to person a rubric that doesn't instrumentality itself excessively seriously, albeit 1 that you astir apt lone get retired erstwhile your chums are around.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 8 September 2021.

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