Watch Speaker Pelosi Destroy The Media Myth Of Divided Democrats

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The firm media loves to assertion that Democrats are divided, but connected Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) enactment this mendacious assertion to rest.


Speaker Pelosi destroys the story that Democrats are divided connected infrastructure, "Building backmost amended has the enactment of implicit 95% of our caucus. So erstwhile you accidental Democrats divided, no. Overwhelming — I've ne'er seen really implicit 95% of the caucus conscionable astir for anything."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 26, 2021

Transcript of Speaker Pelosi connected ABC’s This Week:

George Stephanopoulos.  So, I conscionable laid retired a beauteous daunting database close there.  You person called the adjacent fewer days a clip of strength for Congress.

Have you ever faced a situation with truthful overmuch astatine stake?

Speaker Pelosi.  Every clip we look a challenge, you accidental it’s a historical challenge, whether it’s passing the Affordable Care Act oregon different authorities that we passed successful the erstwhile Administration.

It’s each the fantastic legislative process that we have.  But I convey you for calling this President Biden’s docket due to the fact that that’s precisely what it is.  This is the imaginativeness of the President.  And helium has said that portion helium wants to walk the infrastructure measure – and we volition – that helium volition not confine his imaginativeness for the aboriginal to conscionable that bill, that it had to beryllium astir Building Back Better.

And Building Back Better has the enactment implicit 95 percent of our Caucus.  So, erstwhile you accidental Democrats divided — no, overwhelmingly, I person ne'er seen, actually, implicit 95 percent of a Caucus conscionable astir for anything.  There are immoderate who disagree, and I respect that, astir the size of the package, and immoderate successful the Senate – a mates successful the Senate arsenic well.  And we person to find our communal ground, respectful of each other’s views.

But this isn’t astir moderates versus progressives.  Overwhelmingly, the entirety of our Caucus, but for a fewer whose judgement I respect, enactment the imaginativeness of Joe Biden.  And we volition walk – marque advancement connected it this week.

Democrats Aren’t Divided. Democrats Are Arguing About Logistics.

Even the moderates who person voiced concerns astir the measure are lone disquieted astir the cost. They are successful statement connected the legislative priorities. The progressives are trying to support their interests and marque definite that the moderates don’t get acold feet and bail connected them.

The creation that is ongoing is simply a tricky negotiation, but thing has travel up to suggest that Democrats are successful immoderate information of not getting the authorities passed.

The media loves the Democrats divided narrative, and arsenic usual, they are wrong.

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