Website To Order Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests Is Up And Running

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January 18, 2022 astatine 10:49 am

(CNN) — The national authorities has softly launched its website to motion up for escaped Covid-19 tests, allowing radical to bid a maximum of 4 tests shipped straight to their household.

WEBSITE: Place Your Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Given the ceremonial motorboat wasn’t expected until Wednesday, a White House authoritative said this is lone the beta signifier to guarantee the tract works seamlessly.

“In alignment with website motorboat champion practices, is presently successful its beta phase, which means that the website is operating astatine constricted capableness up of its authoritative launch,” a White House authoritative told CNN. “This is modular signifier to code troubleshooting and guarantee arsenic creaseless of an authoritative motorboat time arsenic possible. We expect the website to officially motorboat mid-morning tomorrow.”

Though the authoritative said the tract was lone operating astatine a constricted capacity, it’s unclear however the archetypal signifier of the tract is limited. Once shipping accusation was entered online, the tract instructed radical that tests would statesman shipping successful “late January” and the United States Postal Service, which is handling the deliveries, “will lone nonstop 1 acceptable of 4 escaped at-home COVID-19 tests to valid residential addresses.”

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