What are Soundmojis? Plus how to find them in Facebook Messenger

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(Pocket-lint) - Meta offers a unsocial benignant of emoji done the Facebook Messenger app. Called Soundmojis, they're fundamentally emoji with sound.

At launch, Facebook introduced an "entire" Soundmoji library, and said it plans to update the room regularly with "sound effects and celebrated dependable bites". Most recently, it added 2 Soundmojis inspired by Stranger Things (ahead of the caller season) and 1 that Taylor Swift’s "Red".

What are Soundmojis and which sounds bash they make?

Soundmojis are Meta's marque sanction for emoji paired with audio soundbites.

Not lone are classical emoji icons matched with sounds, specified arsenic the hands clapping emoji paired with a clapping dependable and the drum with a drumroll sound, but Meta besides said you'll perceive audio clips from artists arsenic good arsenic snippets from TV shows and movies. For instance, the hourglass emoji plays Drake’s “you lone unrecorded once, that’s the motto” lyric, portion the fist bump emoji plays the “I don’t person friends, I got family” enactment from Fast and Furious 7.

How to usage Soundmojis successful Facebook Messenger

Find Soundmojis

To find Soundmojis, pat the emoji fastener successful a Messenger conversation, past pat connected the loudspeaker icon connected the right, and scroll done the disposable options. You tin pat connected immoderate Soundmoji to preview the sound.

Send Soundmojis

Once you've followed the steps above, simply deed the “send” fastener to stock a Soundmoji successful your Facebook Messenger conversation.

Example Soundmojis

Here are a fewer of Meta's astir caller Soundmoji additions:

  • The zipped-mouth plays "friends don’t lie" from Stranger Things.
  • The reddish siren plays "This is simply a codification red, I repetition a codification red!" from Stranger Things.
  • The occurrence bosom plays Taylor Swift's "burning red" lyric.

When volition Soundmojis beryllium available?

Meta rolled retired Soundmojis up of World Emoji Day successful July 2021. They're disposable for some iOS and Android users of the Messenger app.

Want to cognize more?

Check retired Meta's video supra oregon blog posts here and here for much details.

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