What is a scrum, and why should your teams use it?

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Scrum is an incredibly important instrumentality for agile businesses. Jack Wallen explains what it is and wherefore you should employment it.

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Modern businesses, admins, developers and selling radical flip astir buzzwords and acronyms arsenic though everyone connected the satellite speaks the aforesaid language. Sometimes the words instrumentality the landing and everyone instantly knows what you're talking about. 

For example, accidental "scrum" successful a developer gathering and everyone volition motion their heads successful approval. Do the aforesaid happening successful a selling oregon unit gathering and you mightiness spot respective confused stares (unless 1 oregon much of those unit members enjoys a rousing rugby match).

The scrum to which I notation is not to beryllium recovered successful a lucifer connected a transportation but a concern wherever developers request to beryllium agile and projects request to beryllium managed similar well-oiled machines.


What is it and wherefore bash you request it?

Let's find out.

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What is simply a scrum?

Scrum is 1 of the astir fashionable agile methodologies. It's adaptable and flexible, incremental and iterative. Scrum was designed to present worth successful a task rapidly and makes it imaginable to support a precocious level of transparency throughout.

With scrum, each task is divided into tiny chunks to present features to investigating teams during the improvement rhythm (not conscionable astatine the end). This methodology makes the coming unneurotic of the full overmuch much reliable and tin dramatically shorten the bundle lifecycle.

Artifacts of scrum

Scrum consists of a fewer important elements, which are:

  • The Product Backlog—All the ideas, items, and improvement proposals that are combined into a list.
  • The Sprint Backlog—A database of tasks the improvement squad indispensable complete.
  • The Increment—The existent mentation of the task that is nether development.
  • The Sprint Goal—An abstract of the communal extremity for a existent sprint.
  • Definition of Done—A acceptable of criteria that indispensable beryllium met by the items successful the Product Backlog earlier they tin beryllium considered arsenic portion of The Increment.
  • The merchandise vision—The wide statement of the product.
  • The Burn-Down Chart—A graph displaying the finished enactment and the remaining clip successful the sprint.

Scum events

Next, we request to cognize what the important events are successful a scrum. These are:

  • Sprint— A repeatable, fixed-length lawsuit wherever ideas are turned into value.
  • Sprint Planning—Define what tin beryllium delivered successful a Sprint.
  • Daily Scrum (also called a Stand-Up Meeting)—A 15-minute lawsuit wherever the dev squad synchronizes activities and creates a program for the adjacent 24 hours.
  • Sprint Review—When a squad gathers to reappraisal completed enactment and find if further changes are required.
  • Sprint Retrospective—The past measurement of a Sprint rhythm wherever teams reappraisal a completed Sprint to make ideas for the next.

It is important that each of the artifacts and events are included with your scrum. These elements each travel together, acknowledgment to a visualized committee that is shares a spot of similarity to kanban. Like kanban, scrum uses a committee to visualize the presumption of sprints. Most scrum boards are breached into columns (just similar kanban) that mightiness dwell of elements specified as:

  • Backlog
  • To do
  • Doing
  • Review
  • Done

Why should your teams beryllium utilizing scrum?

First, if you privation your concern to beryllium arsenic agile arsenic possible, kanban is simply a large archetypal step. Eventually, however, you'll find your teams needing a spot much to scope that adjacent level of agility. That's wherever scrum comes into play. 

Responsive teams

With scrum, your teams volition beryllium much responsive successful their productivity, particularly arsenic changes and pivots are required. The scrum subject requires predominant reviewing of progress, which often demands changes to forestall a task from failing.

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One happening to support successful caput is that alteration is inevitable. Few improvement projects spell from commencement to decorativeness without undergoing change. When alteration happens, your developers request to not lone beryllium prepared for it but beryllium capable to effortlessly rotation with the changes. Scrum tin assistance marque that possible.

More close readying

By utilizing Scrum, your plans volition beryllium little apt to fail. Why? Because your teams are perpetually putting successful the effort to support them connected way by shifting and changing arsenic needed. And due to the fact that of the mode scrum is designed, your teams volition perpetually beryllium reflecting however things are going and tin marque tiny oregon ample adjustments to the plans, according to the winds of change. By adhering to scrum artifacts and events, your plans are acold little apt to fail.

Everyone successful sync

When utilizing scrum, a project's stakeholders are ever successful sync. And due to the fact that the scrum methodology prioritizes individuals and interactions implicit each else, keeping everyone progressive successful sync is really built into the process.

One peculiar scrum lawsuit that makes this imaginable is the Daily Scrum (aka Stand-Up Meeting).

Flexible priorities

With scrum, it's precise casual to prioritize and re-prioritize arsenic the task moves done the process. With this ability, your developers go much flexible and your concern becomes much agile. This besides makes it imaginable to easy (and quickly) set short-term goals portion inactive adhering to the wide strategy of the project.

More power

Finally, you'll person much power implicit the full project. That's not to accidental you'll beryllium capable to amended power your staff. No. Instead, you'll person much power implicit the absorption and travel of the improvement process. And erstwhile you person accordant input from developers and different stakeholders, it lends a level of cohesion to the process you wouldn't different have.


If you're superior astir becoming agile, you request scrum. It mightiness not beryllium imaginable to integrate it into your processes overnight, but fixed the close magnitude of clip and effort, your teams volition beryllium enjoying this caller methodology, which volition greatly heighten your bundle improvement lifecycle.

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