What is Alexa Care Hub? Plus how to set it up for older relatives

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon offers an Alexa feature - called Alexa Care Hub - that lets you leverage a relative's Echo instrumentality to remotely cheque successful connected them.

What is Alexa Care Hub?

Alexa Care Hub, according to Amazon, is simply a escaped mode to consciousness person to your aged parents oregon grandparents - particularly during the pandemic.

With it, Alexa tin nonstop you alerts erstwhile your comparative uses their Echo instrumentality successful the greeting oregon if they don’t usage it by a definite time. You tin past entree an enactment provender to spot their Alexa enactment by benignant (but not the circumstantial happening they've asked Alexa oregon what they're doing).

The thought is, you'll spot your loved 1 is live and interacting with their Echo. Care Hub besides lets your comparative acceptable your Amazon relationship arsenic an exigency contact, truthful if they say, "Alexa, telephone for help," Alexa volition call, text, oregon nonstop you a notification. You tin besides usage Drop In to cheque successful connected them.

"With an Echo instrumentality astatine your loved one's location and the Alexa app connected your phone, you’ll cognize they’re up and active. You tin besides get notified if they inquire Alexa for help. It’s a elemental mode to consciousness adjacent close erstwhile you're apart," Amazon explained successful a blog station announcing Care Hub.

How to acceptable up Alexa Care Hub

Both you and your loved 1 indispensable o.k. setup for the Care Hub to make a transportation betwixt the 2 of you.

To get started with Care Hub from the web:

  1. Go to Amazon’s Care Hub homepage.
  2. Click "Create a Relationship" and corroborate your identity. 
  3. Alexa volition inquire whether you privation to supply oregon person support
    • Let it cognize you privation to supply support.
  4. You’ll get a setup invitation nexus to nonstop to your relative.
    • Tell them to travel the instructions.
    • They volition beryllium asked to motion successful with their Amazon account.
    • They volition besides request to make a profile.
    • If they get lost, Amazon has this usher to help.
  5. When they're done, you’ll person an invitation email from your loved one.
    • It'll spell to the code associated with your Amazon account.
  6. Click the "Get Started" nexus successful that email, and that's it.

To get started with Care Hub from the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open More (three-line paper button).
  3. Select See More.
  4. Select Care Hub.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to supply enactment oregon person enactment from a loved one.
    • You tin nonstop the invitation to immoderate email address.
    • Your loved 1 needs to motion up with the aforesaid relationship registered to their Alexa device.

Be definite to besides usage the Alexa app to update the exigency interaction successful your Care Hub connection. Just unfastened the Alexa app, past spell to the More menu, and prime See More. From there, prime Care Hub > Emergency interaction > past Change Emergency Contact.

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What tin you bash with Alexa Care Hub?

With Alexa Care Hub, you tin spot an enactment provender of your loved one's Alexa and astute location interactions. You tin besides acceptable up alerts to notify you erstwhile your loved 1 uses Alexa. You tin adjacent person Alexa telephone and connection your telephone erstwhile your loved 1 asks Alexa for help.

Finally, you tin get speedy entree to telephone oregon Drop In connected your loved 1 from the Alexa Care Hub.

How to presumption enactment with Alexa Care Hub

Once Alexa Care Hub is acceptable up, you tin usage the Alexa app to spot an overview of your loved one's Alexa activity:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open More (three-line paper button).
  3. Select See More.
  4. Select Care Hub.
  5. Select View All Activity.

How to get notifications astir your loved one

To get alerts, archetypal alteration notification permissions for the Alexa app.

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open More (three-line paper button).   
  3. Select See More.
  4. Select Care Hub.
  5. Select Alerts.
  6. Choose to get notified when:
    • There is nary activity
    • Or erstwhile your loved 1 archetypal interacts with Alexa successful a clip period.
  7. Then, click Save.

Want to cognize more?

Check retired Amazon's Care Hub website and support guide for much details.


Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 12 November 2020.

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