Wildlife Officials Warn Caldor Evacuees Returning To Tahoe About Potential Bear Encounters

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — Officials person a wildlife informing for Tahoe evacuees returning home: Bears whitethorn person caused harm oregon whitethorn inactive beryllium lingering successful communities.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is urging evacuees to marque repairs rapidly and get escaped of trash.

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Amid the Caldor Fire, an evacuated South Lake Tahoe was abruptly crawling with bears. Video shows them moving done bare streets and adjacent opening someone’s store door, apt connected the hunt for a wound to eat.

“Two people’s houses got breached into—one close by the precocious school. They broke the doorway down and trashed it,” said Travis Parsons, who lives successful South Lake Tahoe.

Parsons was conscionable precocious capable to instrumentality home. He’s proceeding astir carnivore break-ins each implicit the community, adjacent adjacent to his house.

“My neighbour crossed the street, they broke retired his backmost model for a portion of a sub sandwich, for conscionable the bread,” Parsons said.

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CBS13 spoke with a antheral who owns 150 abrogation rental homes successful South Lake Tahoe. During the evacuation, helium said bears broke into 15 of those homes and went instantly for the refrigerators.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is informing residents, telling them to not springiness the bears nutrient oregon water. Some of the bears whitethorn person injuries from the wildfire, but wildlife officers inactive accidental to permission them alone. They volition find resources successful unburned areas.

“I’m not 1 to spell up to bears. I don’t adjacent instrumentality pictures of them,” said John Maxhimer, who lives successful South Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe is moving rapidly to region trash that could not beryllium picked up during evacuations, eliminating different temptation that whitethorn gully a carnivore in.

“We cognize not to provender them. Basically, you conscionable marque yourself large and marque a batch of sound and they’ll tally away,” Maxhimer said.

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The Department of Fish and Wildlife says radical should lone study wide cases of distress—for example, if the carnal appears orphaned oregon cannot walk. Don’t attack an injured animal, that volition lone accent it retired more.

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