Woman at centre of May scandal speaks out

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The pistillate caught up successful Tyrone May's enactment ungraded has breached her soundlessness aft the Panthers inferior precocious shared a controversial station connected Instagram referencing the highly publicised saga.

Like galore Panthers players, May took to societal media to observe Penrith's expansive last triumph implicit the Rabbitohs astatine Suncorp Stadium, but his station referenced his ineligible troubles implicit caller years.

The 25-year-old pleaded blameworthy to 4 counts of intentionally signaling an representation without consent and was sentenced to 300 hours of assemblage service, arsenic portion of a three-year assemblage corrections bid backmost successful 2020.

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The station was aboriginal taken down by May earlier helium completely unopen down his Instagram account.

Tyrone May of the Panthers (Getty)

Speaking retired connected the information of anonymity, the pistillate astatine the centre of the ungraded said she was disappointed to spot that May hadn't learnt from the ordeal.

"I'm beauteous sure, erstwhile you spot the mode he's acting, that helium hasn't learnt anything," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"He is inactive successful the nonstop aforesaid spot. Wake up to yourself. You request to learn.

"If I privation to spell and [have enactment successful private], that's me. That shouldn't beryllium shown to the world. But unfortunately, it did. Now I struggle. I've had 2 relationships since past and I conflict to clasp relationships due to the fact that I person to beryllium unfastened and honorable ... Once they find out, I can't support a narration due to the fact that of it."

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May uploaded a bid of photos with lyrics from 'Fair Trade' by rapper Drake arsenic the caption pursuing his side's archetypal premiership triumph since 2003.

NRL to investigate the Panthers over damaged Provan-Summons trophy

The archetypal photograph was an representation of himself attending tribunal with manager Ivan Cleary, and the caption read:

"And the ungraded that they threw connected my name/turned to ungraded and I grew up retired it/time for y'all to fig retired what y'all gon' bash astir it," May wrote.

The Panthers confirmed to the Sydney Morning Herald that the societal media station is being investigated by the NRL.

"Tyrone's societal media station is presently nether probe by the NRL," said Panthers CEO Brian Fletcher. "Out of respect for that process, the nine is awaiting an result earlier considering further action."

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