Woman Clinically Dead For 45 Minutes Miraculously Brought Back To Life: ‘So Grateful God Gave Me Second Chance’

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September 15, 2021 astatine 2:15 pm

BALTIMORE (WJZ-TV) — A Baltimore pistillate who suffered a bosom onslaught that near her clinically dormant for astir an hr is calling it a aesculapian occurrence aft being brought backmost to life.

July 2nd wasn’t an mean time connected the play people for Kathy Patten. She got the telephone her daughter, Stacey Fifer, was successful labor. But earlier gathering her newborn granddaughter, Patten had a bosom attack. Moments later, she was gone. No bosom rate, pulse, oregon oxygen.

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Patten was considered clinically dormant for 45 minutes — and it each happened portion her girl was having occupation of her own. Baby Alora was stuck successful the commencement canal. This caused Fifer to request an exigency C-section aft being successful labour for 39 hours.

Meanwhile, aggravated CPR conscionable rooms distant from her brought the archetypal miracle. “I’m truthful grateful God gave maine a 2nd chance. I’m conscionable going to beryllium the champion idiosyncratic I tin be,” says Patten. “It’s precise scary, coming backmost is simply a 2nd accidental of life.”

And past the second: a palmy delivery.

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“It was conscionable destiny that my Mom was expected to beryllium here. It was yet due to the fact that of Alora that my Mom is present and happened to beryllium astatine the close spot astatine the close time,” says Fifer. “She genuinely is simply a walking miracle.”

Doctors were amazed and humbled by the experience, too.

“I don’t accidental you’re welcome, I accidental convey you,” says Dr. Dov Frankel, 1 of Patten’s doctors astatine Greater Baltimore Medical Center. “You taught america what it means to live. You taught america what it means not to springiness up.”

Whether it beryllium modern medicine oregon a higher power, determination is thing guiding this household for higher ground.

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Both parent and babe are blessed and healthy. This is Kathy’s 8th grandchild.

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