Xbox buys Activision Blizzard in $68.7 billion gaming deal

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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox's genitor company, Microsoft, has agreed to bargain Activision Blizzard for a whopping $68.7 billion.

It's a woody that has the imaginable to shingle up the gaming manufacture connected a immense scale. Some of the biggest franchises successful the satellite volition soon beryllium nether the Xbox Game Studios umbrella.

These see Call of Duty, Activision's crown jewel, but besides Blizzard's biggest titles, Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and more. It surely fuels contiguous speculation astir what Xbox plans for these crippled bid successful presumption of level exclusivity.


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It makes wide successful its merchandise announcing the purchase that it intends to marque arsenic galore games from the Activision Blizzard catalogue arsenic imaginable disposable to Xbox and PC players done its Game Pass membership, which volition beryllium euphony to the ears of those already subscribed.

Whether this means that next year's Call of Duty volition not travel retired connected PlayStation 4 and PS5, though, is simply a immense question, fixed the rival platforms usually correspond the biggest azygous stock of COD's yearly sales. We cognize that aboriginal games from Bethesda volition not beryllium coming to PlayStation aft Xbox acquired it. That could correspond a precedent, but it's precise aboriginal days.

This purchase, erstwhile it completes, volition dwarf that of Bethesda, though - that woody outgo $7.5 billion, truthful we're an bid of magnitude distant from it erstwhile talking astir Activision.

Touching connected the ongoing contention astir historical alleged maltreatment and harassment astatine Activision Blizzard, Phil Spector said "We besides judge that originative occurrence and autonomy spell hand-in-hand with treating each idiosyncratic with dignity and respect. We clasp each teams, and each leaders, to this commitment. We’re looking guardant to extending our civilization of proactive inclusion to the large teams crossed Activision Blizzard."

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