Xbox Cloud Gaming gets clarity boost when run in Edge browser

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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has launched a caller diagnostic for its Xbox Cloud Gaming service, besides known arsenic xCloud, that is expected to heighten the clarity of your streamed games. 

The diagnostic is called Clarity Boost and arsenic of now, it is lone disposable connected the Edge browser.

Xbox Program Manager, Milena Gonzalez, said successful a blog post that the diagnostic provides "the optimal look and consciousness portion playing Xbox games from the cloud." and does this utilizing "a acceptable of client-side scaling improvements to amended the ocular prime of the video stream."

In practice, the diagnostic makes smaller details similar bricks and writer look sharper than they usually would portion being streamed. It's not a melodramatic shift, but it's capable of a quality that you'd privation it turned on.

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Tom Warren tried retired the diagnostic successful the video below:

Clarity Boost requires the Canary version of the Edge Browser. Canary is an experimental nightly physique of the browser that allows users to trial retired caller features earlier they marque it to vanilla Edge.

If you don't fancy messing astir with an experimental browser, Microsoft says that Clarity Boost volition beryllium disposable to each Edge users "by adjacent year".

No connection connected whether the diagnostic volition yet marque it to different browsers, evidently it's successful Microsoft's champion involvement to support it Edge exclusive, but successful theory, it could rotation retired with wider enactment if determination is capable demand.

Writing by Luke Baker. Originally published connected 30 November 2021.

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