'Yellowjackets' fans can expect more Lottie -- and cannibalism -- in Season 2, series creators say

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(CNN)Note: Beware spoilers for "Yellowjackets" Season 1.

The much-buzzed-about Showtime bid "Yellowjackets" conscionable finished its archetypal season. Naturally, its rabid fans are already theorizing astir what Season 2 has successful store.

Series creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson person immoderate clues. In interviews timed to the play finale, the brace confirmed that fans tin expect to spot much of Lottie, Taissa's perchance evil broadside and, finally, cannibalism erstwhile Season 2 debuts.

    Lyle told Entertainment Weekly that viewers "will beryllium seeing big Lottie successful Season 2," though she stopped abbreviated of naming the histrion who'd play her. She besides each but confirmed that the "Antler Queen" seen successful the opening moments of the aviator -- who appears to preside implicit a ritualistic execution of different young pistillate -- was Lottie, too.

      As for Taissa, who wins her authorities legislature contention and ends the play with a Grinch-like grin, Nickerson said her change ego -- that is, the "lady successful the tree" who seemingly created a sacrificial altar successful her basement with her dog's severed caput -- volition play a large relation going forward.

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      "Taissa having to reconcile what she comes to judge is liable for her precise astonishing triumph successful that run volition beryllium a large thrust of Season 2," Nickerson told EW.

      In an interrogation with Entertainment Tonight, Lyle said the girls volition get cannibalistic, too, a crippled teased successful the series' archetypal occurrence and again successful the archetypal season's penultimate episode, erstwhile Lottie, Shauna and their pack of drugged teenage girls astir slaughtered Travis.

        "I would emotion to reassure each our viewers that we're not going to resistance retired cannibalism for 5 seasons," Lyle told ET. "It is precise overmuch coming, but we privation to marque definite we get determination the close way."

        That's a batch for fans to chew on. Luckily, they won't person to hold overmuch longer -- Showtime's president of amusement Gary Levine told Vulture that the web plans to commencement airing the 2nd play "at the extremity of 2022."

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