5 ways to celebrate Betty White on her 100th birthday

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(CNN)Just weeks away from turning 100, Betty White was planning to walk her upcoming day watching a movie astir her beingness with friends. It was a daze erstwhile she died successful December, but we tin inactive observe her beauteous beingness and each the laughs she gave us.

Here are 5 ways to amusement immoderate emotion for the beloved fable connected Jan. 17.

Find a section theatre playing "Betty White: A Celebration"

    Plans for a solemnisation of White volition spell connected arsenic planned connected Monday, according to producers of "Betty White: A Celebration."

      "During the galore years we worked with her, we developed a large emotion and admiration for Betty arsenic a person, and arsenic an accomplished entertainer," movie producers Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein said successful a connection to CNN. "We are thankful for the galore decades of delight she brought to everyone. Betty ever said she was the 'luckiest wide connected 2 feet' to person had a vocation arsenic agelong arsenic she did. And honestly, we were the fortunate ones to person had her for truthful long."

      The movie explores White's vocation and follows her day-to-day life, including her work, friends and her advocacy for animals.

      Speaking of animals...take "Betty's L.A. Zoo Tour."

      Betty White loved animals and advocated for them.

      Guests are Invited to grant White's Legacy by taking Betty's L.A. Zoo Tour or sojourn the achromatic roseate memorial plot to permission a card.

      The zoo called White successful a connection "one of its astir ardent supporters and longtime friends."

      "Betty's L.A. Zoo Tour" honors White's contributions with spots passim the zoo wherever guests tin larn astir her transportation to circumstantial animals.

      Watch "Honoring Betty White" connected Hallmark

      Betty White arsenic  Rose Nylund successful  "The Golden Girls."

      The Hallmark Channel volition aerial "Honoring Betty White" connected Jan. 17. The programming artifact is simply a 40-episode marathon of "The Golden Girls," followed by an airing of "The Lost Valentine," starring White.

      Donate to her favourite carnal charities

      Betty White astatine  the L.A. Zoon successful  2014.

      When fans started utilizing societal media to look for ways to observe White, a run was created called the Betty White Challenge, which helps radical find organizations White liked to lend to. You tin besides donate straight to the Betty White Wildlife Fund, which White founded successful 2010 to assistance marine life.

      Watch White nail it connected "Saturday Night Live"

        The occurrence of "SNL" hosted by White primitively aired connected May 8, 2010 and featured philharmonic impermanent Jay-Z.

        You tin find the afloat occurrence connected Hulu.

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