AFL boss reveals role in Scott's Carlton rejection

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Carlton's bid to unafraid a high-profile elder manager has deed yet different snag with Brad Scott officially taking up a relation successful the AFL alternatively of returning to the coaching ranks.

After the Blues had been knocked backmost by Alastair Clarkson and Ross Lyon, Scott had emerged arsenic a frontrunner of sorts, and was described arsenic the idiosyncratic who "holds the key" to the coaching race past week.

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Instead, Scott volition assistance tally a new-look AFL shot section alongside erstwhile North Melbourne brag of nine strategy, Laura Kane.

Both Scott and Kane volition reply to the AFL's long-time caput of ineligible and integrity, Andrew Dillon, who volition support that relation portion besides becoming the enforcement wide manager of football.

As the AFL's wide manager of football, Scott volition oversee the day-to-day operations, database management, umpires lucifer reappraisal and rules.

Brad Scott has turned down the accidental to instrumentality to coaching to instrumentality up an authoritative AFL occupation (Getty)

When questioned implicit Scott's determination betwixt the Carlton and AFL occupation openings, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan stressed that helium hadn't discouraged the 45-year-old from going backmost into coaching.

"What I was truly wide with successful conversations, which I cognize went done his mind, was that if helium wants to manager helium should coach," helium said.

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"He's made a determination that this is the way helium wants to spell down due to the fact that he's successful the role.

"He had to gain this role. He interviewed successful a beardown tract and he's gone done a process and won this role.

"We've been connected a travel with Brad for a while. He came retired of coaching and I evidently regarded him highly for his considered views connected footy, his values and who helium was arsenic a person.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan says helium told Scott that helium should instrumentality to coaching if helium wanted to manager (Getty)

"He decided past that helium really wanted to look astatine a relation successful medication extracurricular coaching, truthful helium came connected committee arsenic the CEO of AFL Victoria connected that journey.

"I deliberation he's landed successful a large spot arsenic a portion of a squad that volition person a wide portfolio."

Following Scott's rejection, Carlton could beryllium forced to spell younger than primitively intended successful its coaching search.

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Highly-regarded Essendon adjunct Daniel Giansiracusa volition beryllium interviewed arsenic a portion of the hunt and is among respective candidates who volition beryllium canvassed by the Blues.

Carlton has besides been successful interaction with Port Adelaide elder adjunct Michael Voss, portion Richmond adjunct Adam Kingsley, who was beaten retired for the Collingwood occupation by Craig McRae, is besides expected to beryllium contacted.

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