Alec Baldwin turns over cell phone in 'Rust' shooting investigation

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(CNN)Alec Baldwin has turned implicit his compartment telephone to instrumentality enforcement officials arsenic portion of their probe into the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the acceptable of the movie "Rust," the Santa Fe County District Attorney's bureau told CNN.

A spokesperson for the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office confirmed to CNN the histrion provided his telephone to instrumentality enforcement officials successful Suffolk County, New York, who person been assisting New Mexico authorities with obtaining the device.

"They volition stitchery accusation disconnected the telephone and supply the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office with the grounds gathered," said Santa Fe County Sheriff spokesperson Juan Rios.

    Alec Baldwin says successful  Instagram video helium  is complying with compartment  telephone  hunt  warrant

    "The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office does not yet person carnal possession of the information to beryllium retrieved disconnected the Baldwin phone," Rios added, but noted "this is successful process."

      Hutchins was fatally shot October 21 during a rehearsal for a country successful a religion astatine Bonanza Creek Ranch. Director Joel Souza was besides injured successful the shooting.

      Late past year, Baldwin told ABC's George Stephanopoulos the country was going to amusement Baldwin cocking the weapon and helium and Hutchins were going implicit however she wanted to presumption his manus earlier the weapon went off, saying then, "I would ne'er constituent a weapon astatine anyone and past propulsion the trigger."

      What officials are looking to obtain

      A search warrant was issued for Baldwin's compartment telephone past month, according to tribunal documents from Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

      Alec Baldwin addresses 'Rust' calamity  successful  New Year's video

      Officials are looking to get messages, telephone logs, integer photos and videos, arsenic good arsenic immoderate backstage messages sent connected societal media platforms successful narration to the accumulation of "Rust," the warrant said. It besides looks to get immoderate deleted videos, photos and messages connected the telephone having to bash with the movie.

      In a video posted connected his Instagram account earlier successful January, Baldwin said helium was cooperating with authorities, saying the process of authorities requesting his telephone for the warrant takes clip and they person to "specify what precisely they want."

      The histrion added immoderate proposition helium was not complying with the hunt warrant was "a lie." In the video, helium went connected to adhd helium is "working toward, insisting on, demanding" the information astir what happened.

      Baldwin's civilian attorney, Aaron Dyer, said past month the histrion was cooperating with authorities and they were assured the grounds volition amusement the histrion was not liable for what happened.

      Armorer sues movie's weapon and ammunition supplier

      Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armorer connected the set, loaded the weapon with what she thought were dummy rounds earlier Baldwin utilized it connected set, lawyers for the armorer had said successful November.

      'Rust' armorer accuses supplier of selling her dummy ammunition mixed with unrecorded  rounds earlier  deadly on-set shooting

      Jason Bowles, Gutierrez Reed's lawyer, said astatine the clip determination was a container of dummy rounds labeled 'dummy' and the armorer took from that container and loaded the handgun "only to aboriginal find retired -- and she had nary thought -- she inspected the rounds, that determination was a unrecorded round."

      "Now we don't know, however, whether that unrecorded circular came from that box. We're assuming it did," Bowles said.

      Two unit members person told CNN Gutierrez Reed mishandled weapons connected a erstwhile movie project.

      Gutierrez Reed is present suing the movie's weapon and ammunition supplier.

        In the ailment filed this month, Gutierrez Reed accuses PDQ Arm and Prop, LLC and its laminitis Seth Kenney of usurpation of commercialized practices, mendacious and deceptive merchandise labels, and mendacious and worldly misrepresentations after, Gutierrez Reed alleges, Kenney sold her a cache of dummy ammunition with unrecorded rounds mixed in.

        The ailment besides includes allegations of wrongdoing by respective others progressive successful the production.

        CNN's Jenn Selva and Julia Jones contributed to this report.

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