Amber Alert: Children Abducted By Father In Riverside County, Possibly Near Modesto

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September 17, 2021 astatine 11:27 pm

MODESTO (CBS13) — An amber alert was issued precocious Friday nighttime for 2 children who whitethorn beryllium adjacent the Modesto aft being taken by their begetter and were believed to beryllium successful imminent danger, the California Highway Patrol said.

The alert besides listed a woman—Mariela Costello, 32—as a unfortunate and said each 3 victims were successful danger. Authorities did not accidental if the pistillate was the children’s mother. The begetter was identified arsenic Nicholas Zeko, 34. He is 5 feet 11 inches and astir 205 pounds with brownish hairsbreadth and bluish eyes.

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According to the CHP, the amber alert was activated connected behalf of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The children—Gino Costello, 9, and Memphis Zeko, 5—were past seen successful Riverside County astatine astir 10 a.m. Thursday.

Gino is 4 feet 4 inches tall, astir 62 pounds with brownish hairsbreadth and brownish eyes. Memphis is 3 feet 7 inches tall, astir 42 pounds, besides with brownish hairsbreadth and brownish eyes. See photos of some below.

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Gino Costello (credit: CHP)

Memphis Zeko (credit: CHP)

The amber alert was issued successful Stanislaus, San Bernadino and Riverside counties.

The CHP said they were past seen successful a achromatic 2005 Ford Expedition with golden trim and a California licence fig of V449G0. Anyone who whitethorn cognize of their whereabouts is asked to telephone 9-1-1.

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