Aussie cyclist smashes own world record

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Australian cyclist Paige Greco smashed her ain satellite grounds successful the women's pursuit C3 3000m idiosyncratic pursuit, giving Australia a immense boost connected time 1 of the Paralympics.

Greco, 24, broke her ain satellite grounds by much than 7 seconds successful her vigor erstwhile she finished successful clip of 3:52.283 to apical the leaderboard connected her Paralympic debut and publication her spot successful the last against China's Xiaomei Wang.

"I'm truthful happy, I conscionable can't judge it," Greco said aft the race.

Paige Greco of Australia competes successful the C1-3 3000m Individual Pursuit qualifying astatine the Izu velodrome connected time 1 during the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games successful Shizuoka, Japan. (Photo By David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile via Getty Images) (Sportsfile via Getty Images)

"I went successful reasoning I've conscionable got to instrumentality to the docket my coaches and I had planned.

"It's not implicit yet, I've got to retrieve and spell onto the final, but (I'm) precise happy.

"I'd been moving precise hard connected that docket of training. I astir apt doubted myself a fewer times, but my manager and the staff, they each truly believed successful maine and pushed maine to archer maine I bash person it successful me. I'm truthful happy."

Greco is already guaranteed a medal and volition instrumentality connected China's Xiaomei Wang successful the final, who besides broke the satellite grounds but was inactive 3.5 seconds down the Aussie.


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