Aussie prodigy's disturbing Formula One admission

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Australia's Oscar Piastri concedes helium won't beryllium connected the Formula One grid successful 2022, contempt the precise existent anticipation he'll emulate Charles Leclerc and George Russell by winning the F3 and F2 titles successful consecutive years.

Piastri, who won past year's F3 championship, has a 15-point pb successful F2 with 9 races remaining, aft scoring his 2nd triumph of the play astatine Monza connected Sunday, conscionable hours before Daniel Ricciardo's victory.

A subordinate of the Alpine Academy, his way to F1 with that squad has been blocked by the information some Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon are already nether declaration for 2022.

Unlike Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, Alpine doesn't person a recognised nexus to different F1 team, meaning there's nary evident way for their young drivers.

Mark Webber congratulates Oscar Piastri aft his F2 triumph astatine Monza. (Getty)

There's 1 spot near successful F1 for 2022, with Alfa Romeo yet to corroborate Valtteri Bottas' teammate, though it's wide tipped that China's Guanyu Zhou, presently 2nd successful the F2 championship, volition get the drive.

Zhou is believed to person a $50m warfare thorax to bargain the drive, with F1 keen to interruption into the Chinese market.

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Piastri told Wide World of Sports that he's resigned to the information helium won't beryllium successful F1 adjacent year.

"I'm not truly successful the framework astatine Alfa Romeo, to beryllium blunt," helium said.

"I don't deliberation it's going to beryllium me. I don't truly cognize overmuch astir it, which is simply a just denotation that I'm not truly successful contention.

Oscar Piastri aft his triumph astatine Monza. (Getty)

"Being with Alpine, there's nary motor nexus with Alfa Romeo astatine all, truthful it's not a accepted way to that seat.

"I'd beryllium precise happily amazed if I got the drive, but I'm not confident."

Not lone is Piastri successful enactment to triumph some F1 enactment categories successful consecutive seasons, helium besides won Formula Renault Eurocup successful 2019, giving him the accidental of 3 titles successful 3 years.

It's that grounds that he'll person to autumn backmost connected if he's to onshore an F1 spot successful 2023.

"Regardless of wherever I decorativeness this twelvemonth it doesn't look similar I'll beryllium connected the F1 grid adjacent year, but if I person 3 championships successful 3 years connected my resume, good that looks beauteous good," helium explained.

"It would beryllium precise satisfying and it should beryllium that I tin bring plentifulness to the array for an F1 squad successful the future.

Oscar Piastri connected the mode to triumph astatine Monza. (Getty)

"It's a spot of an unfortunate situation, but I'm not the archetypal 1 it's happened to and I won't beryllium the last.

"But it's a spot annoying."

F2 rules forestall the champion from returning to the category, meaning if the 20-year-old wraps up the rubric this year, he's facing the imaginable of a twelvemonth retired of the athletics portion helium looks for an F1 thrust successful 2023.

One enactment would beryllium to onshore a relation arsenic a 3rd operator for an F1 team, with the anticipation of a fewer appearances successful F1 signifier sessions done the season.

But portion 1 twelvemonth successful the pitlane is thing helium tin handle, a longer stint retired of the car doesn't entreaty to the Melburnian.

Oscar Piastri aft winning his 2nd contention of the F2 play astatine Monza. (Getty)

"There hasn't been immoderate treatment astir adjacent twelvemonth conscionable yet, but looking astatine however things person unfolded I deliberation the astir realistic enactment is effort to triumph F2 this twelvemonth and past go the reserve operator for an F1 squad adjacent year," Piastri said.

"The logical measurement would beryllium to get the reserve operator relation astatine Alpine, and past evidently people an F1 spot successful 2023.

"If I bash person to walk 2022 retired of the sport, I'd beryllium reasonably OK with that, but if it looked similar 2 years retired there'd beryllium immoderate beauteous dense discussions astir the champion mode forward.

"Two years retired is surely not ideal, and if it got to that stage, we'd person to look astatine our options."

What's wide is that Piastri won't beryllium backing disconnected successful his effort to triumph the F2 title, adjacent if successful doing truthful helium condemns himself to a twelvemonth retired of the sport.

Oscar Piastri during F2 pre-season investigating successful Bahrain. (Getty)

"I'm surely not going to vessel the F2 title conscionable truthful I tin contention again adjacent year, that would beryllium beauteous stupid. There's each kinds of things incorrect with that idea," helium said.

"What happens adjacent twelvemonth doesn't alteration what I'm trying to bash this year."

Piastri's manager, erstwhile expansive prix victor Mark Webber, precocious told Wide World of Sports that Alpine had been caught retired by however rapidly Piastri had progressed up the motorsport ladder.

Just 18 months agone helium hadn't adjacent started an F3 race, present he's being talked astir arsenic a once-in-a-generation talent.

"I deliberation I've astir apt caught myself retired with however it's been going, and it's astir apt caught Alpine retired a spot arsenic well," Piastri agreed.

"It's fixed them a spot of a headache with the existent situation, it's a bully occupation to have, but a headache nonetheless."

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