Bizarre fan chant baffles Australian Open stars

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Football is commonly known arsenic the "world game" and the popularity of the athletics was ne'er much evident than connected Day 2 of the Australian Open.

As matches rolled connected passim the day, a bizarre caller chant among fans successful attendance wrong assorted venues began to surface.

The chant initially caught the attraction of players, viewers astatine location and commentators during British prima Andy Murray's five-set triumph implicit Nikoloz Basilashvili.

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Andy Murray's on-court interrogation was interrupted by what appeared astatine the clip to beryllium visceral boos (Getty)

After the 35-year-old prevailed successful his archetypal lucifer astatine Melbourne Park since 2019, having undergone hep surgery, commentators seemed baffled arsenic to wherefore helium was seemingly being booed.

The dependable was soon revealed to beryllium an imitation of Manchester United prima Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic "Siuuu" solemnisation that has gone viral successful caller years aft Ronaldo archetypal began utilizing it during his days with Real Madrid.

The connection "Siuuu" primitively comes from the Spanish connection 'Si', which means yes. In an interrogation backmost successful 2019, Ronaldo explained the crushed down the now-iconic celebration, which began during a pre-season lucifer successful 2013.

"I started to accidental 'si', it's similar 'yes' erstwhile I was successful Real Madrid," helium said. "I was successful the USA and we played against Chelsea [in 2013] and I don't cognize wherever this is coming from, the celebration."

As Murray took to the mic for his walk-off interview, helium excessively appeared to beryllium confused by wherefore helium was seemingly being booed.

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"It's achy worldly there, those guys," the erstwhile Australian Open finalist said successful effect to a conception of the crowd.

Murray expanded connected what went done his caput during his post-match property league aboriginal on, admitting helium thought helium was being booed by the crowd.

Cristiano Ronaldo performing his iconic 'Siuu' solemnisation connected his Manchester United instrumentality past twelvemonth (Getty)

"Initially, I thought it was [a boo], due to the fact that determination were immoderate radical booing during my signifier yesterday. I person nary thought what for. Yeah, truthful primitively that's what I thought it was," helium said.

"But past yea aft a fewer times it was like, no, they're doing that, I deliberation it's similar 'Siuuu' oregon thing that Ronaldo does erstwhile helium scores. It was incredibly irritating."

Murray was not the lone subordinate to beryllium impacted by the Ronaldo chant, with assemblage favourite Nick Kyrgios besides experiencing the dependable astatine John Cain Arena, the aforesaid tribunal Murray had played his lucifer on.

The "Siuuu" from the assemblage became unbearable to Kyrgios, who is utilized to raucous crowds, during the 2nd acceptable of his triumph implicit Britain's Liam Broady.

Despite being nary alien to a large crowd, adjacent Nick Kyrgios was taken aback by the large chant (Eddie Jim)

"Once each acceptable yeah? F-----g each point, 'Siuuu' 'Siuuu'," Kyrgios said arsenic helium imitated the crowd's chant earlier a serve.

After the Australian rocketed down an ace with his precise adjacent serve, the assemblage hilariously responded with an adjacent louder "Siuuu" which prompted Nine commentator Todd Woodbridge to say: "That ace is similar different Ronaldo goal".

Kyrgios has made John Cain Arena his ain implicit his past fewer Australian Open campaigns, adjacent openly voicing his displeasure astatine playing connected Melbourne Park's centre court, Rod Laver Arena.

However, contempt his affinity for a vocal crowd, Kyrgios excessively was taken aback by the sound.

The fans marque a batch of sound during Andy Murray's interview

"I don't cognize what I've done to this assemblage due to the fact that you guys are a zoo now. You guys are retired of control," helium said, spurring an adjacent louder "Siuuu".

"I'm conscionable blessed to beryllium successful beforehand of you guys again. Honestly, it's truthful overmuch fun."

Like Murray had done hours earlier, Kyrgios expanded connected his absorption to the Ronaldo chant and helium was arsenic bewildered.

"It's conscionable a anserine [chant], f--k, I can't judge they did it truthful much," helium said.

"They were doing immoderate Ronaldo thing. Ronaldo does it each clip helium scores. It's similar - I thought they were going to bash it for 10 minutes. They did it for two-and-a-half hours, similar each point. I don't cognize why. It was a zoo retired there."

Arthur Rinderknech taunted the assemblage successful attendance wrong Court 3, reasoning helium was being booed (Nine)

A abbreviated portion aft Kyrgios' win, different acceptable of rowdy fans were backmost astatine it again with the Ronaldo chant, this clip during Alexei Popyrin's five-setter against Arthur Rinderknech.

Like Murray, Rinderknech besides appeared confused and seemed to deliberation helium was being booed by Popyrin's supporters arsenic helium furiously taunted the assemblage aft sealing the win.

The Frenchman cupped his manus adjacent to his ear, imploring the assemblage to boo him adjacent much arsenic helium jumped up and down the tribunal celebrating.

"I'm not wholly definite that's boos due to the fact that we saw this evening successful Nick Kyrgios' triumph and determination were akin sounds," Adam Peacock said connected commentary. "They privation the Ronaldo celebration, the 'Siuu'."

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