Caldor Fire Evacuees Running Out Of Money With No Place To Stay

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SHINGLE SPRINGS (CBS13) — More than a week since the Caldor Fire sparked and tore done El Dorado County, thousands of residents are present stateless and evacuation sites are full.

Now, much than 200 evacuees are astatine the KOA successful Shingle Springs, camping retired and paying much than $100 dollars a nighttime for a spot to stay. Some accidental they’re moving retired of wealth portion trying to support their families successful 1 place.

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“We’re conscionable trying to past and marque the champion of it,” said a antheral named Paul.

Caldor Fire evacuees accidental they’re connected edge.

“I’m stressed out, I’m frightened for my family, I’m frightened for my family’s home,” said Cat Hall from Kyburz.

Some person been astatine the Shingle Springs KOA camping retired for much than a week. With nary spot to go, they’re shelling retired currency each time to person a harmless spot to stay.

“Some of these radical lone person the currency successful their pocket,” said Paul.

Garrett Larson and his caller bride got joined the nighttime earlier they were told to evacuate their Pollock Pines home.

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He ne'er thought the occurrence would get truthful adjacent and he’d person to walk his honeymoon astatine the KOA.

“It comes to your doorway and it’s scary, it’s saddening and you conscionable got to bash the champion you tin successful the meantime,” said Larson.

Cal Fire connected Monday said the occurrence is ‘knocking connected the doorway to the Lake Tahoe basin.”

And those who had to fly the fire, don’t cognize whether their location is lasting oregon erstwhile they tin spell home.

“Now the slump sets in, radical are realizing this is minimum 2 weeks immoderate radical 30 days and it’s precise quiescent today,” said Paul.

Families are looking for immoderate mode to spend different nighttime together.

“Who knows what’s going to hap erstwhile we spell home,” said Hall.

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The Shingle Springs KOA is accepting donation cards that would wage for evacuees to enactment astatine the campground.

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