California First In Nation To Require Hourly Wages In Garment Industry

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September 27, 2021 astatine 8:25 pm

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13/AP) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom connected Monday approved what helium termed a “nation-leading” instrumentality requiring the garment manufacture to wage workers by the hr alternatively of for each portion of covering they produce.

Piece-rate compensation tin beryllium utilized to wage workers beneath the minimum wage, supporters said.

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The measure makes California the archetypal authorities to destruct portion enactment compensation, though determination is an objection for worksites covered by corporate bargaining agreements, and the archetypal to make liability for companies that subcontract with the garment makers.

“For excessively long, bad-actor manufacturers person exploited garment workers toiling successful unsanitary conditions for arsenic small arsenic $5 an hour,” said Democratic Sen. María Elena Durazo. She said her bill will “level the playing tract for ethical manufacturers that are doing the close thing.”

Employees tin inactive get incentive-based bonuses supra their ineligible wage.

Marissa Nuncio, manager of the Garment Worker Center that supported the measure said that the much than 45,000 garment workers successful California are often migrant women. Under the bill, she said, California “will nary longer beryllium the sweatshop superior of America.”

The California Chamber of Commerce objected that the measurement “places tremendous burdens connected employers successful the covering industry,” including those that don’t straight oversee the workers but volition present beryllium liable for their mistreatment. It predicted the instrumentality volition enactment immoderate employers retired of concern oregon origin them to determination retired of California.

The advocacy radical Legal Aid astatine Work, which supported the bill, said the wide liability nether the instrumentality is indispensable to “prevent bad-actor brands from obviating oversight and enforcement by layering contracts.”

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The measurement was among 18 job-related bills signed by Newsom, a Democrat.

He besides signed a 2nd measure by Durazo requiring that each employees with disabilities beryllium paid astatine slightest minimum wage.

California becomes the 13th authorities to extremity a signifier that allowed businesses with peculiar licenses to wage radical with disabilities subminimum wages, according to the State Council connected Developmental Disabilities.

It estimated that 12,000 Californians with disabilities who enactment successful alleged sheltered workshops tin beryllium paid arsenic small arsenic 15 cents an hr nether a national argumentation that dates to 1938.

The Alliance Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, which opposed the bill, argued that portion the sheltered workshops person fallen retired of favor, they lone employment those who person agreed to enactment determination oregon whose families person agreed that those are the champion option.

Unless the authorities tin make different options, it said the instrumentality “effectively eliminates the imaginable for employment for galore and, therefore, limits the choices the idiosyncratic whitethorn person successful beforehand of them.”

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The instrumentality phases retired the subminimum wages implicit 3 years and by January 1, 2025, makes it amerciable to wage an worker with carnal oregon intelligence disabilities little than the ineligible minimum wage.

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