Church gives free food to kids each week

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(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A St. Joseph religion is helping families support their pantries stocked this summer.

Turning Point Church of the Nazarene has been giving retired escaped nutrient to kids 18 and nether each Friday.

The nutrient comes from a religion successful St. Louis that brings their surplus donations each the mode to St. Joseph.

This programme hopes to assistance retired families successful the country struggling with nutrient insecurity.

"I conscionable talked with idiosyncratic going done the enactment that was again different household successful tears saying, 'this is precisely astatine the close time,' that they're retired this week and didn't cognize however they were going to provender their kids truthful conscionable to cognize that we tin assistance with immoderate of that insecurity for radical is conscionable fantastic," pastor Steve Longley said.

There is simply a clip alteration for the nutrient thrust adjacent Friday, it volition beryllium from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. The thrust volition beryllium held astatine Turning Point Church of the Nazarene located 5211 Frederick Ave.

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