Ed Sheeran wants to build a 'burial zone' in the grounds of his home

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Ed Sheeran has applied for readying  support   for a tiny  crypt beneath   a chapel.

(CNN)Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is drafting up plans for an antithetic summation to his sprawling English state estate: a burial chamber.

In an exertion filed to the section readying authority, architects moving connected the superstar's behalf submitted drawings for a "burial zone," which would prevarication beneath a chapel successful the grounds of his location successful Suffolk, eastbound England.

The 30-year-old Grammy winner, whose astir caller medium is called "=" (pronounced "equals"), was granted support to physique a boat-shaped chapel, implicit with a spiral staircase and gallery, connected his onshore past year.

    Ed Sheeran's Suffolk home, pictured successful  2019

    The caller readying application, submitted December 24, requests that helium beryllium capable to adhd a tiny crypt to the building.

      The chapel is being built to "address an important request for a backstage spot of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for solemnisation of cardinal beingness and household milestones, household and societal gatherings, marriages (and) christenings," according to a papers submitted successful the archetypal application.

      Sheeran has guests visiting from "all implicit the world," including from the US, Ireland, Ghana, Nigeria, Asia and Australia, it states.

      "Thus, the applicant seeks to supply a abstraction successful which, he, his household and these antithetic radical tin retreat for contemplation, supplication and relaxation, to conscionable (,) observe and meditate successful bid and information from disturbance."

      Ed Sheeran and Elton John talk  each   day

      Other nationalist documents submitted alongside the exertion amusement Sheeran's spot comprises a ample cottage, ponds, a meadow, an orangery and a fig of outbuildings.

      The nonstop intent of the burial portion was not explained successful the readying application.

      Sheeran shares his location with his wife, Cherry Seaborn, and their daughter, Lyra, who was calved successful 2020.

        CNN has reached retired to the singer's representatives for further comment.

        A spokesperson for East Suffolk Council said: "The exertion is presently being considered and a determination volition beryllium made successful owed course."

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