El Dorado County Evacuees Eager To Go Home As Caldor Fire Continues To Grow

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SOMERSET (CBS13) – Evacuees Friday were patiently waiting extracurricular barricades hoping they’ll beryllium allowed backmost location soon arsenic the Caldor Fire burned done El Dorado County.

The municipality of Camino—along Highway 50 betwixt Placerville and Pollock Pines—was nether mandatory evacuation orders, but not everyone chose to go.

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“We stayed astir until yesterday. My wife, she has Alzheimer’s. New surroundings are truly stressful connected her,” said evacuee Dale Thalhofer.

Thalhofer said his woman had an appointment, which forced them to leave.

“So we went retired of the perimeter and past they wouldn’t fto america backmost in,” helium said. “They said if we fto you in, we’ll person to fto everyone other in.”

Now, they’re hopeless to find a room, but with shelters astatine capableness and hotels filling up, it hasn’t been easy.

Thalhofer said it’s important helium gets his wife, Cynthia, location soon.

The brace were feeling fortunate they volition yet person a location to spell backmost to but for some, a much stark world lies past California Highway Patrol roadblocks.

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“It’s gone. It’s wholly leveled,” said Grizzly Flats nonmigratory Bob Echeverria.

His home, which was built by his father, was destroyed successful the Caldor Fire.

“I ever wanted a location successful the Sierra, truthful helium built that location for me. He passed,” Echeverria said.

He said the roadblocks prevented him from seeing what’s near of his home.

“They’re preventing maine from going up. My pets and my food are inactive there. I person thing near to prevention but them,” helium said.

Echeverria is sleeping successful his car close extracurricular the evacuation portion until helium tin instrumentality home, portion the Thalhofers yet secured a country for the weekend.

“We person a spot to enactment tonight,” Dale Thalhofer said Friday night.

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Fire officials archer CBS13 they’re expecting beardown winds this play truthful they’re asking evacuees to beryllium patient. Those beardown winds could marque this occurrence unpredictable and it’s safer to person the evacuation portion bare for now.

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