Fire Crews Get Creative With Water Sources During Drought Conditions

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EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — Crews are warring the Caldor Fire successful the mediate of drought conditions that person sparked h2o restrictions successful respective cities.

Water levels are highly debased astatine lakes and reservoirs crews beryllium on—sometimes forcing them to get creative.

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“It whitethorn necessitate america to spell further successful immoderate areas. If we cognize the country is distant and there’s not easy accessible h2o oregon metropolis h2o that’s available,” said Daniel Berlant, a spokesperson for Cal Fire.

Fire trucks and helicopters person been filling up astatine Jenkinson Lake to combat the Caldor Fire. The levels are precise debased determination and they’ve dropped 10 feet successful conscionable the past 2 months. But CALFIRE said it’s inactive capable to conflict a wildfire.

Berlant said drought conditions usually don’t instantly impact a firefight due to the fact that occurrence crews tin propulsion from divers sources.

“In an exigency situation, we entree water. Whether it’s a rancher’s pond oregon whether it’s a reservoir, h2o is going to beryllium a captious necessity for america to combat fire,” helium said.

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Despite debased levels astatine Jenkinson Lake, the El Dorado Irrigation District said there’s plentifulness to combat a occurrence and support capable drinking h2o supply. If h2o gets hard to find, crews volition usage ample trucks called h2o tenders to pump and haul h2o into distant areas.

“And successful times of need, engines and h2o tenders person been known to instrumentality h2o retired of pools astir homes. We’ll besides usage tanks of h2o that the nationalist whitethorn person connected their property,” said Robert Foxworthy, a Cal Fire nationalist accusation officer.

The U.S. Forest Service is coordinating a specialized squadron of nighttime helicopters flown successful from Southern California that bring their ain h2o and retardant to the fight. One of their chinooks tin driblet up to 3 1000 gallons successful 1 sitting.

Once the occurrence is over, Cal Fire makes each effort to instrumentality what they took.

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“After the occurrence is done, we volition enactment to regenerate the water, whether we nonstop h2o tenders to a occurrence hydrant miles distant and motortruck it in,” Berlant said.

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