Frightful details revealed after Paine neck surgery

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Test skipper Tim Paine has gone into eye-watering item connected however country to hole a bulging disc near him with a spread successful his throat, but a accelerated timeline to returning to the tract of play.

"I had the bulging disc pressing connected my spine, I was having immoderate symptom down the near broadside of my body," helium told SEN radio.

Tim Paine, right, and David Warner during past summer's Test bid against India. (Getty)

Paine said surgeons "cut a large spread successful my throat" earlier replacing the C6 and C7 discs successful his neck.

"They moved my dependable container to the broadside and spell successful that way. It's little invasive, safer," helium said.

"They enactment the caller disc in, stitched them up and distant we go. I consciousness similar my scope is already amended and I conscionable person to not marque definite the chopped heals and springiness the disc clip to instrumentality to my spine implicit the adjacent period oregon so, past get moving."

Paine cited erstwhile NRL grat Mat Rogers and recently-retired Melbourne Demons fable Nathan Jones arsenic 2 different high-profile athletes who had travel backmost rapidly from akin procedures.

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"The precedent has been set, guys person got backmost from it reasonably quickly. We've been talking to each those players, their physios, their surgeons to way their rehab plans and get maine backmost arsenic speedy arsenic we can," Paine said.

"As soon arsenic this six-week artifact is implicit I'll beryllium bully to go. I'm beauteous assured extracurricular of that six weeks I'll beryllium acceptable to spell wrong a week. That gives maine plentifulness of clip (for the Ashes). I won't beryllium arsenic acceptable oregon arsenic beardown arsenic I'd similar to be. If I americium moving freely, I'll springiness a bully fist of it."

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Despite risking his spot successful the broadside owed to the arduous fittingness conflict helium faces, Paine said having country was the champion prime helium could make.

"It was that touch-and-go stage, wherever I don't get it done and instrumentality the hazard I'll beryllium close for the Ashes oregon get it done present and marque definite I am," helium said.

England skipper Joe Root with his Australian counterpart Tim Paine. (Getty)

"I'm beauteous blessed with the decision. After the surgeon had a look successful there, helium said it was a bully determination to get it done.

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"The astir important happening successful the archetypal 2 week is the healing itself. I request it to instrumentality with the bony that is there.

"It's a dilatory process, I'll beryllium walking implicit the adjacent mates of weeks, doing a batch of small cervix physio movements. It's a spot however we spell from there.

"I cognize I volition beryllium dealing with physios for the adjacent six weeks earlier I commencement my cricket rehab.

"I privation to support playing for Tasmania aft my planetary career. To person it fixed and retired of the mode was the close determination agelong term."

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