Gallen makes stiff call on Dugan's NRL career

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Sharks large Paul Gallen believes Josh Dugan's clip successful the NRL is implicit arsenic the Cronulla centre faces allegations of a 2nd COVID-19 breach amid Sydney's lockdown.

The NRL integrity portion is investigating claims that Dugan past week breached NSW Health orders and the league's biosecurity protocols erstwhile helium and different antheral were pulled implicit successful the NSW municipality of Lithgow, 150 kilometres from their places of residence.

It's the 2nd COVID-19 onslaught against Dugan aft the centre was fined $25,000 by the NRL past period for breaking the code's protocols.

While Dugan has made it known that helium plans to quality what took spot surrounding his latest indiscretion, Gallen believes it won't beryllium capable to prevention his NRL career.

"He's wholly disputing what happened and I don't cognize the nonstop reasons arsenic to however oregon wherefore he's disputing them, but he's perfectly disputing what is happening here," Gallen told Nine's 100% Footy.

Josh Dugan. (Getty)

"The happening astir Josh Dugan is he's present 31 years of property and disconnected contract.

"Unfortunately passim his career, he's had insignificant issues, thing excessively bad, but insignificant issues.

"I deliberation Josh has played his past crippled successful the NRL. I deliberation his adjacent determination volition beryllium Super League oregon retirement."

Dugan, who hasn't played since Round 11, was near successful Sydney portion the remainder of the Sharks squad relocated to Queensland for the remainder of the season.

Gallen says contempt immoderate of Dugan's off-field issues, determination is an unfair "perception" of him successful the public.

"Josh Dugan is not a large drinker," Gallen said.

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"I cognize helium got successful trouble with Blake Ferguson drinking the drinks, but he's not a large drinker.

"He's a household man, he's beauteous quiescent and sticks to himself a just bit.

"The cognition of him retired determination is not what everyone thinks, but definite capable this clip he's got himself successful occupation erstwhile again and I deliberation his clip successful the NRL is astir apt up."

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