Grandpa Forgives Thief Who Ransacked Lodi Cemetery, Stole Keepsakes: ‘Just Heart-Wrenching’

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LODI (CBS13) — It was a devastating stroke to radical already grieving, arsenic a thief ransacked a Lodi cemetery and took disconnected with idiosyncratic keepsakes near for loved ones.

CBS13 talked with the archetypal idiosyncratic to observe the cold-hearted crime, a grandpa mourning his grandbaby was forced to grieve each implicit again. His 18-month aged granddaughter Helene died a twelvemonth agone connected his wedding anniversary.

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“I raised that small miss for 18 months and it’s benignant of hard. We person tears each clip we travel here,” said James Daumer.

Daumer’s sojourn to his granddaughter’s gravesite is already heartbreaking, but his past sojourn turned devastating erstwhile helium walked up connected a messiness astatine the Cherokee Memorial Park Cemetery successful Lodi.

“It was conscionable heart-wrenching and my tummy conscionable started turning,” helium told CBS13. “I mean each these flowers, different than the apical row, was (sic) thrown retired of their vases.”

San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies accidental 33-year-old Rae Kause tore done the cemetery, trashed the flowers and stole idiosyncratic keepsakes near connected headstones and crypts.

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“We questioned everything, you know, why? What happened? Who done this?” said Daumer.

“What the fishy told our deputies erstwhile they were interviewing her was she was upset her household wouldn’t archer her the determination of 1 of her loved one’s graves,” said Deputy Sheriff Nick Goucher.

The Sheriff’s Office posted pictures of what they recovered including rosaries, jewelry and adjacent a shot mitt and shot for a child. They’re hoping to get it each backmost to the rightful owners.

“So it tin beryllium highly upsetting and everyone tin subordinate to that,” said Deputy Sheriff Goucher.

“We forgive her. She had capable bosom to archer them wherever it was each at,” said Daumer. “What she did was wrong, but you can’t clasp it, you know? And I cognize my granddaughter wouldn’t fto maine clasp it anyhow.”

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Daumer was capable to get each of small Helene’s keepsakes back, including a personalized Minnie Mouse coin worthy $150, but the sheriff’s bureau inactive has a batch much items they’re hoping to get backmost to rightful owners.

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