Grizzly Flats Man Watches Home Burn In Caldor Fire: ‘It Didn’t Seem Real’

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GRIZZLY FLATS (CBS13) — A Grizzly Flats antheral watched arsenic the Caldor Fire burned down his house. His Ring doorbell camera captured the chaos arsenic the flames crept toward his location connected Golden Aspen Drive.

“We watched the neighbor’s location drawback occurrence and past the tiny portion of our gait started to drawback fire. Then the net lines chopped off; The net lines indispensable person got burned oregon something,” Brennan Williams said.

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By that time, Williams was harmless astatine his brother’s location successful Auburn.

“It didn’t look real. You’re sitting determination watching it and you don’t conscionable don’t deliberation it’s happening to you,” helium said. “And we were hopeful it mightiness not person gotten to our house.”

Williams went to enactment Monday to caput location and drawback a fewer things.

“We honestly didn’t deliberation it was going to get arsenic acold arsenic it did, truthful we didn’t battalion up immoderate valuables,” helium said.

While there, helium and his woman spotted crews prepping.

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“I saw PG&E spraying retardant connected the poles, and that was capable for maine to accidental ‘They expect something, we got to get retired of here,’ ” helium said.

They near and kept an oculus connected their cameras. They saw cars coming and going, truthful they figured they had clip to instrumentality and drawback immoderate much valuables and sentimental items. Before long, they knew it was clip to get out.

“If you looked successful the rearview mirror, you could spot flames supra the histrion canopy,” helium said.

Watching the video inactive leaves him stunned. So overmuch of the municipality helium loved is gone.

“Grizzly Flats was a benignant of a place—smaller community—everybody waved arsenic you went by,” helium said with a smile.

He’s thankful helium has household to help.

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“I conscionable anticipation everybody other up determination has the same,” helium said. “It’s a unsmooth clip for each of us.”

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