‘He Came Around Here And He Passed Out’: Suspected Thief Arrested Twice The Same Day In Auburn

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NORTH AUBURN (CBS13) — Authorities accidental they arrested an Auburn antheral doubly successful 1 day, some times connected suspicion of theft.

Back connected the greeting of Oct. 14, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office says they got a study astir idiosyncratic seen stealing from mailboxes on Linda Drive successful the North Auburn area. The fishy was besides reportedly seen stealing tools retired of a truck.

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“As we all…gathered our stories unneurotic we figured retired that helium had been going done the mailboxes and helium came astir present and helium passed out,” said Rebecca Reed who lives successful the area.

Deputies got to the country and accidental they recovered that the suspect, 33-year-old Auburn nonmigratory David Fuchs, had stolen message from much than 25 people. About $1,500 worthy of tools were besides stolen from the truck, deputies say.

Reed says she saw the fishy successful his car dormant earlier his archetypal arrest.

“We extremity up implicit present and we spot a feline from the region [and] helium said determination was a break-in implicit there,” she said.

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Fuchs was arrested connected suspicion of expansive theft, message theft, and individuality theft charges. However, the sheriff’s bureau says helium was released from custody aboriginal successful the morning.

Later that aforesaid day, deputies responded to analyse a reported burglary on Panorama Way successful North Auburn. Deputies accidental the unfortunate reported his location had been burglarized astatine immoderate constituent successful the past fewer days – with the fishy taking clothing, bedding, and adjacent a wedding band. Further, the fishy besides appeared to person spray-painted derogatory words connected the walls and floors of the home.

Evidence recovered wrong the location led deputies to fishy that Fuchs was besides down the burglary. Exactly what grounds they recovered was not disclosed, but deputies soon recovered Fuchs again – and helium was allegedly wearing the victim’s shoes, and had the stolen apparel successful his car.

Fuchs was arrested again, this clip connected burglary, vandalism, and possession of stolen spot charges.

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We asked the sheriff’s bureau wherefore the fishy was released from custody the archetypal clip and were told the jailhouse lone has abstraction for the worst criminals and was not owed to zero bail.

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