'How I Met Your Father' flips 'Mother' format

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(CNN)"How I Met Your Father" is billed arsenic a sequel, not a reboot, since it incorporates a fewer elements of the archetypal CBS bid that ended successful 2014, arsenic opposed to conscionable flipping the sex connected it. Whatever 1 chooses to telephone it (and it's a favoritism without overmuch difference), this Hulu bid feels peculiarly stale, with its humble wrinkles failing to connection capable to merit starting a caller relationship.

The main twist involves showing the ma this time, successful 2050, played by Kim Cattrall. She's recounting the how-I-met-your-dad communicative to her unseen son, which raises immoderate further possibilities astir who his begetter mightiness be.

Beyond that, the amusement alternatively dutifully goes astir assembling a caller formed of pals astir the younger mentation of Cattrall, Sophie, played by Hilary Duff. Desperate to find her soulmate, Sophie has been relying connected dating apps erstwhile she's introduced, dragging an Uber driver/teacher, Jesse ("Private Practice's" Christopher Lowell), and his posse into her orbit, done 1 of those mixed-up-phone scenarios that lone happens successful sitcoms.

    It's a much divers group, which is welcome, but besides has the unavoidable feeling of checking disconnected boxes fixed the Whiteness of the archetypal show. The extended pack includes Sophie's sexually adventurous, name-dropping person Valentina (Francia Raisa) and Jesse's adopted sister (Tien Tran), who has conscionable moved to New York from a tiny town.

      Shot successful a accepted sitcom format, the assemblage laughter often sounds much appreciative than the jokes deserve, which lone reinforces the consciousness that Hulu is simply a unusual venue for this exercise.

        Duff does marque for a likable lead, landing present aft Disney+ backed retired of a planned "Lizzie McGuire" revival. For her part, Cattrall skipped out connected the "Sex and the City" reunion "And Just Like That," which provides an unusual benignant of symmetry.

          The amusement does person a definite cosmopolitan prime successful the ongoing hunt for emotion and romance. Yet portion the enigma surrounding Ted's dating travel became conscionable a portion of "Mother's" appeal, having experienced that script once, there's a beardown inclination this clip astir to privation Sophie bully luck with her quest, and inquire her to aftermath maine erstwhile it's astir over.

            "How I Met Your Father" premieres Jan. 18 connected Hulu.

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