Is High Cost of Living Changing The California Dream?

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A caller CBS News canvass shows the agelong database of concerns Californians look close now. From the system to wildfires to homelessness, they each interaction the prime of beingness successful the state—and they interaction the pursuit of the alleged “California Dream.”

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Angelina Caceras is simply a California concern owner, homeowner, and parent who is trying to support her California imagination live with her 2 children and firefighter husband.

“I deliberation that I americium sick of worrying,” Caceras said.

She mislaid her salon concern erstwhile the pandemic hit.

Now moving from her home, she hopes to unfastened a caller Sacramento determination for her Deeda salon inactive nether operation successful months.

“So I did suffer my concern but I conjecture I person this religion that I tin physique it back? And truthful possibly that is the California Dream,” Caceras said.

“This authorities is an costly state,” said Sacramento State Finance Professor Sanjay Varshney.

Varshney says for many, the California imagination is becoming excessively costly to reach. He points to the country’s highest lodging prices, state prices, and present perpetual wildfire, drought and stateless problems. California is successful a authorities of crisis.

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“I deliberation radical are realizing dilatory that the glamour and the imagination that fundamentally represented California has not lone eroded, it’s disappearing,” Varshney said.

Caceras has lived her full beingness successful California and said she does consciousness the changes.

“Just the fume is conscionable freaking scary and the h2o concern is scary,” Caceras said.

A modern-day California is compromised by clime and a precocious outgo of living.

“But I recognize that it’s a precise analyzable dynamic story,” Caceras said.

For Caceras, the hopes of uncovering prosperity persist. Her California imagination remains alive.

“I emotion being here,” Caceras said.

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Professor Varshney besides noted that during bully times, California does amended than the U.S., and during atrocious times, it does worse. Right now, California’s unemployment complaint is higher than the nationalist average.

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