Jeff Ross remembers Bob Saget: He 'treated everyone like family'

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Bob Saget and Jeff Ross, present  astatine  a Scleroderma Research Foundation lawsuit   successful  2018, were friends for much  than 15 years.

By Marianne Garvey

Updated 1403 GMT (2203 HKT) January 13, 2022

The "Fuller House" prima was good known for his efforts to assistance chap comics and strangers alike. No 1 knows that amended than comedian Jeff Ross, who was adjacent with Saget for much than 15 years.

And portion helium mourns his friend, Ross pointed retired however adjacent successful decease Saget seemed to grant his profession.

"You cognize helium was this planetary superstar, TV star, but helium passed away, unsocial successful a edifice room, connected the road, similar a existent comic," Ross said. "I deliberation that successful a unusual mode that is benignant of poetic and perfect. Even though mode excessively soon, it's benignant of however I would privation to go."

Albeit a precise palmy comic, who Ross hopes "died peacefully, tucked into an $800 a nighttime room."

"He's 1 of 10 comics successful the satellite who could enactment astatine the Ritz aft a gig, you know," Ross mused successful a telephone telephone with CNN.

Ross said helium has been successful adjacent interaction with Saget's daughters Aubrey, 34, Lara, 32, and Jennifer, 29, and his widow, Kelly Rizzo, since his friend's death.

Saget's household is "hurting," Ross said. He described his concern with Rizzo arsenic "perfect."

"She was precise good suited for him and him for her. She was a existent spouse to him and it's precisely what Bob needed was idiosyncratic who could situation him and emotion him astatine the aforesaid time. And it's a real, beauteous emotion affair, you know, and it was conscionable cleanable successful each way."

CNN spoke with Ross connected Wednesday, conscionable earlier helium and vocalist John Mayer were preparing to thrust to the airport successful Los Angeles to prime up Saget's car, a motion that meant a large woody to Rizzo.

"These 2 men person been holding maine up and taking attraction of maine (along with galore different unthinkable radical who loved my hubby much than anything)," Rizzo commented connected the Instagram video shared by Mayer. "But these two, driving our small Prius that Bob near astatine the airport, home, was specified a solid. And I americium blessed it gave them clip to immoderate ruminate and stock their emotion of Bob with each who watched. The Prius is present home."

Ross shared much memories of his beloved person Saget with CNN.

The conversation, lightly edited for magnitude and clarity, follows below.

Why bash you deliberation [Saget] felt truthful moved to assistance people, adjacent erstwhile they were strangers, and the clip helium took to bash so?

"Well, that's interesting. He had this unusual rabbi, similar prime to him, you know, he's a feline that figured himself retired astatine a young age. He was already connected signifier erstwhile astir radical were conscionable finishing precocious school. And I deliberation due to the fact that helium started truthful young. Bob won a pupil Oscar erstwhile helium was successful assemblage too." (Saget received a Student Academy Award in 1978 for his movie "Through Adam's Eyes," astir his nephew who had undergone facial reconstructive surgery.)

"Bob was very, precise aggravated successful galore ways. He had a batch of nonaccomplishment aboriginal on."

There are a batch of coincidences and that would marque you look astatine beingness successful a precise empathetic way, similar Bob did.

"He died connected the aforesaid time arsenic his sister. And they some died connected their different sister's birthday, who besides died. His sister has the aforesaid time of decease that helium does. And that time was their archetypal sister's birthday. His daughter, Aubrey conscionable told maine that."

(Saget's older sister, Andrea, died successful 1984 aft suffering a encephalon aneurism and different sister, Gay, died successful 1994 from the autoimmune illness scleroderma.)

This has been a taxable done his full life.

"Life and death, yes. You know, you privation to speech astir his generosity of spirit, similar this Scleroderma Research Organization that you support proceeding about. When you speech astir these benefits helium would do, helium was doing them years earlier his sister had the disease."

Why was helium drawn to it without knowing that it was going to impact him personally?

"He was drawn to radical that needed help. It didn't substance who you were. Sometimes it would beryllium frustrating due to the fact that you'd spell determination with him and helium would speech to each azygous person. It didn't substance what their relation was, it didn't substance however your large oregon tiny your stature was. He would speech to each schmuck successful the street, and you know, sometimes erstwhile you're conscionable his buddy waiting to spell get a drink. [laughs] He loved to talk. ["Full House" and "Fuller House" star] Jodie Sweetin was telling maine yesterday, we've each been gathering and bonding implicit this stuff, and she was telling maine however helium would conscionable speech and speech and speech done array reads astatine 'Full House' erstwhile she was a kid. She'd miss school, trying to get Bob to halt talking."

Bob Saget in1990 connected  "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Why bash you deliberation that was?

"He conscionable loved to communicate. He loved to connect. He loved to marque radical laugh. But much importantly, helium loved dispensing advice. You know, I person Bob's doctor, erstwhile I needed a doctor, I called Bob, you request a lawyer, you telephone Bob, you request beingness advice, you privation to cognize however security works, you wanna cognize however existent property works, you privation to cognize however to get done thing successful a relationship, you privation to cognize astir Covid, helium was ever up to day and loved to beryllium everybody's rabbi, everybody's consigliere. I deliberation portion of it was due to the fact that helium was truthful comfy successful his ain skin."

How did helium find the clip to dedicate truthful overmuch vigor to truthful galore people?

"You know, everybody was household to him. The comedians were his family. His daughters are his family, his wife, Kelly, is his family. But connected apical of that, what's astounding to maine is helium took his fake TV household and present they're his existent family."

It has been absorbing to see, the outpouring [of emotion and tributes] from truthful galore antithetic people.

"He would've been thrilled with this outpouring, from his fans each implicit the world, yeah. And let's look it. Somebody had to sound that two-bit punk, Betty White disconnected the internet. (Laughs) I mean, travel connected capable already."

Bob Saget astatine  a foundation  lawsuit   successful  California successful  November.

What makes this nonaccomplishment truthful large for you?

"I loved him, I'm truly gonna miss him. You know, helium was my information nett successful life. I consciousness unprotected without him. I consciousness susceptible without him. And I'm not the lone one."

How is his woman doing?

"She's inconsolable. There's thing I tin accidental to her to marque her consciousness better. She truly expected a overmuch longer beingness with Bob." (Rizzo and Saget wed successful 2018.)

And however are his girls? His daughters.

"His girls, it's truly hard connected them. It's hard connected them. You know, I mislaid my dad, truthful I get it and you spot truthful overmuch of him successful them. So I cognize that they consciousness the mode helium feels, they person those emotions, the mode helium had those emotions. I cognize they're hurting and, and I've been trying to conscionable speech to them arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. No 1 saw this coming. And helium truly was a king successful the drama world."

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