Joey tips 'vulnerable' champion will be exposed

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The past clip Manly superstar Tom Trbojevic played helium was wholly unopen down by the Storm. But that is improbable to hap again erstwhile the afloat spot Sea Eagles enactment up against the Roosters connected Friday nighttime successful their do-or-die finals clash, according to Andrew Johns.

The NSW Blues fullback should beryllium licking his lips astatine the imaginable of a much-improved show against the Tricolours successful Mackay, with Johns explaining however the Roosters' weaknesses tin beryllium exploited.

Last week Craig Bellamy brought to a grinding halt Trbojevic's freight bid momentum disconnected the backmost of consecutive hat-tricks. In Manly's 40-12 decision to Melbourne, Trbojevic not lone didn't people a try, but helium besides didn't marque a azygous line-break oregon effort assist, and produced 2 errors.

How Melbourne planned for Tom Trbojevic

It's a antithetic communicative against the Roosters though, with injuries and suspensions - most precocious with Sam Verrills incapable to overturn his careless precocious tackle charge - causing different shake-up to the squad which is already "vulnerable". And that should enactment perfectly successful Trbojevic's favour, says Johns.

"With Turbo loving that near side, that's their go-to with [Kieran] Foran, [Josh] Schuster and Turbo moving together," Johns began successful Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth.

Sydney Roosters' Josh Morris (Getty)

"I thought connected that broadside of the tract [last week against the Titans] that Sydney's Josh Morris looked a small spot vulnerable.

"That's wherever that [Titans line] interruption was made precocious successful the past play of the crippled really. So I deliberation there's a existent people connected that broadside for Manly to attack.

"I deliberation they're successful for a large nighttime - conscionable that transition betwixt Sam Walker and Josh Morris, I deliberation there'll beryllium a batch of traffic."

Morris reveals aboriginal status scare

Morris could beryllium playing his past NRL crippled against the Sea Eagles if the Roosters lose, after the 35-year-old announced his status astatine the extremity of this season.

The seasoned centre suffered a hamstring wounded past period which threatened to extremity his twelvemonth past and there, nevertheless he's been capable to regain fittingness to articulation the squad for their finals campaign.

Roosters manager Trent Robinson confirmed connected Thursday that Ben Marschke is the adjacent antheral up aft Verrills' suspension.

"They're a spot similar wicket-keepers successful cricket - they acceptable the code for however everybody other astir them is. It's a truly important relation and Benny has got a truly large hooker temperament," Robinson said of Verrills' replacement.

Robinson didn't uncover his plans to halt Trbojevic similar Bellamy did and successful information slammed immoderate proposition of honing successful connected the prima fullback, calling it "lazy coaching".

"That's lazy coaching if you don't hole good for players and besides opposition. We recognize wherever their strengths are but you don't privation to constrictive your absorption excessively overmuch connected 1 feline and not the rest," helium said.

Meanwhile Manly manager Des Hasler said his broadside is afloat alert that their efforts against the Storm past week won't get them acold successful the finals and drastic betterment is needed to decision the Roosters.

"We don't privation to spell home. That's what it comes down to now. They cognize they tin bash amended - they privation to execute better," Hasler said.

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