Kylie Jenner becomes first woman to hit 300 million followers on Instagram

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(CNN)Even being much little disposable than usual, Kyle Jenner has inactive managed to instrumentality the rubric of queen of Instagram.

The world prima and constitution mogul has go the archetypal pistillate to deed 300 cardinal followers, according to People magazine.

Jenner, who is large with her 2nd kid by rapper Travis Scott, has not been posting arsenic overmuch on her verified account since the calamity astatine Scott's Astroworld euphony festival that near 10 radical dead and galore much injured.

    As of Thursday morning, Jenner's astir caller station was a acceptable of images she shared of her large belly just aft the commencement of the caller year.

      Singer and "The Voice" manager Ariana Grande, who currently has 289 cardinal followers, had antecedently held the grounds connected the platform.

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      The astir followed astatine the infinitesimal is renowned nonrecreational shot subordinate Cristiano Ronaldo with 389 cardinal followers arsenic of Thursday.

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