Kyrgios reveals personal Djokovic messages

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Tennis prima Nick Kyrgios has slammed the handling of the Novak Djokovic saga arsenic a "" arsenic the arguable satellite No.1 today fights successful tribunal for the close to support his Australian Open crown.

Djokovic's lawyers are trying to overturn his cancelled visa for the 2nd clip successful the Federal Circuit Court successful melodramatic scenes up of the Grand Slam tourney starting tomorrow.

And Australian ace Kyrgios, who called Djokovic a "tool" past year, is present firmly successful the country of the Serbian superstar.

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Novak Djokovic of Serbia shakes hands with Nick Kyrgios successful 2017 (Getty)

"Novak has reached retired to maine personally connected IG (Instagram) saying 'thank you for lasting up for me'," Kyrgios revealed connected his 'No Boundaries' podcast.

"I was not the 1 helium was expecting to spell retired successful the media and person his back.

"As a human, he's evidently feeling rather alienated successful each of this. As a human, that's a unsafe spot to beryllium successful - erstwhile you consciousness similar the satellite is against you, similar you can't bash thing right.

Djokovic heading to Federal Court proceeding to entreaty visa cancellation

"(Australian migration curate Alex) Hawke said that he's a menace to our borders. Ah, nary he's not. It's similar he's a limb of wide demolition astatine the moment. He's present to play tennis, he's not doing thing to anyone.

"The mistreatment of radical successful Melbourne has been atrocious successful the past 2 years. I recognize the choler towards him for not being vaccinated and getting a aesculapian exemption, but if you look astatine it connected look value, he's got his paperwork...

"Me and Novak person a bromance now, he's backmost successful detention and it's f----d. We are boys now. I can't hold till the Aussie summertime is implicit and we tin play ball. The enactment aft Melbourne is gonna beryllium f---ing nuts. I'll rent a location and conscionable spell f---ing nuts."

Novak Djokovic leaves the Park Hotel to look successful tribunal today. (Getty)

Kyrgios is recovering aft investigating affirmative for COVID-19 but inactive plans to play successful the AO and has been drawn against qualifier Liam Broady successful the archetypal circular connected Tuesday.

"This COVID crap has f----d maine up, I'm not gonna lie. I'm bushed each the time," Kyrgios said.

"Am I playing the AO? Yes. I'm acceptable for the AO but the tribunal I person been hitting connected isn't great. They're putting maine connected a pitchy time (Sunday)."

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