Modesto Police Officer Shot During House Search Remains In Critical Condition

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MODESTO (CBS13) — The Modesto constabulary serviceman changeable portion serving a hunt warrant past play remains successful captious information Thursday, authorities said.

According to the Modesto Police Department, Officer Michael Rokaitis underwent country Wednesday to repair injuries to his abdomen, which was successful.

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However, Officer Rokaitis’ close limb remains a substance of interest and doctors are continuing to measure the viability of the leg, the section said successful a quality merchandise Thursday. Despite remaining successful captious condition, Rokaitis has besides stabilized.

Jesse James Brooks, 42 (credit: Modesto Police Department)

The suspect, 42-year-old Jesse James Brooks of Modesto, received insignificant injuries erstwhile officers returned fire, was treated astatine a section infirmary and released backmost into constabulary custody. He was arrested for assorted weapons violations and 3 counts of attempted execution of a constabulary officer.

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Several officers fired their weapons during the incidental and were placed connected administrative permission per section policy. No different officers were injured.

The incidental started erstwhile a motorcyclist was spotted driving recklessly and fled from an attempted postulation stop. A Stanislaus County sheriff’s Office chopper followed the motorcycle to a Modesto home.

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Officers responded to the location and the motorcyclist yet surrendered. After uncovering drugs connected the motorcyclist, officers obtained a hunt warrant for the location and entered soon aft 11:30 p.m. Brooks was successful the location and opened occurrence connected the officers.

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