Placerville Home Destroyed By Fire

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PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – Firefighters responded to a location occurrence successful Placerville Thursday morning.

The dependable of large explosions could beryllium heard coming from the spot connected El Dorado Trail, disconnected Missouri Flat Road astir 6:30 a.m. There were 2 oregon 3 radical surviving successful the two-story location astatine the time, said a firefighter astatine the scene. One idiosyncratic suffered burns to their foot.

There were arsenic galore arsenic a twelve trailers connected the spot up until 2020 erstwhile the region cleared them out. Neighbors archer CBS13 the location has historical value due to the fact that it utilized to beryllium to the bid conductor.

It appears that the location volition beryllium a full loss. The origin of the occurrence is nether investigation.

The occurrence is not related to the Caldor Fire that is burning successful El Dorado County.

Rachel Wulff

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